Arjun Blog - May 18 to May 21

by Kelly Vo
Arjun Blog - May 18 to May 21 Jul 12

Our stay in Sri Lanka began with lunch at the historic Tintagel hotel in Colombo, the former house of the first South Asian female Prime Minister, Sirimavo Bandaranaike. Our hotel was  located in the heart of the city, with strong British and Dutch influences. While severely jet lagged, we reached out to local policy institutes and research organizations like Advocata and the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute. We conversed with Murtaza Jafferjee and Dhananath Fernando at Advocata, who scheduled interviews with various policy experts for the following week. Friday afternoon was spent on communications with various academics, activists, and civil society leaders like heads of non-profit organizations and human rights attorneys.

Jul 12

Arnav Patra Blog

by Kelly Vo

This week, we have made great progress with our research trip in Sri Lanka. The four of us have found contacts and begun interviews with a number of Sri Lankan leaders in business, nonprofit, policy and government circles.

Jul 12

Sabah Blog

by Kelly Vo

This morning we had breakfast with the Chairman of a Sri Lankan think tank and a consultant inSri Lanka as a group.

Feb 01

The Rohingya Crisis: Causes of the Mass Exodus and the Potential for Justice and Reconciliation with Dr. Maung Zarni by Ingyin Khine (A23)

by tuftsigl

The South Asian Regional Committee (SARC) hosted a panel in the fall on the Rohingya crisis, which touched on many crucial aspects of the genocide and was followed by a discussion on achieving justice and reconciliation. In his opening remarks, Dr.

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