Greetings from Cairo

by tuftsigl
Greetings from Cairo Jan 02

By Student Researcher Isabel Weiner, EPIIC 2014


After a rather tiresome journey from NYC, Sarah and I were finally reunited at the airport in Cairo. We went back to our apartment in Zamalek (a cool island neighborhood in Cairo) and we ordered in from an Egyptian restaurant called Taboon. They had delicious falafel sandwiches, hummus, and sambousik, as well as grape leaves (which kind of tasted weird and bitter). As I unpacked, Sarah updated me on all that had gone on since she arrived a few days prior.


After pushing through the jet lag, Sarah and I began compiling our contacts for our research and started calling and emailing people for interviews. We mostly work at a cafe near our house called Vivant, which has delicious shisha and tea. Our Egyptian friends occasionally stop by to check on us and have given us excellent advice on research contacts.


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