EPIIC 2020-21: China and the World

by tuftsigl
EPIIC 2020-21: China and the World Jun 03

Register for EPIIC 2020-21! Course registration is now open. The rapid rise of China as a major political, economic, military and diplomatic power is one of the most significant developments in world affairs. As a global actor, China impacts every region, from Asia to North America, from Africa to Europe, from Latin America to the Middle East. Its influence is felt in every issue area from climate change to global health, from digital technology to the global economy, from cybersecurity to trade, as well as on global norms and institutions.

Apr 09

Return to Lesvos by Kristin MacDougall-Sullivan (F'2G)

by cpinkerton

After spending three months this summer working with Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid on the Greek Island of Lesvos, I returned over the winter to keep working with asylum seekers – albeit in a slightly different role.  This time, I was responsible for coordinating our legal clinic, where our clients and nonclients come for appointments, t

Apr 08

The United Nations and the Law Behind the “Stuff that Makes Headlines” by Caroline Armstrong Hall (F’20)

by cpinkerton

In my previous post describing the general work of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, I noted the vast range of functions and duties across its divisions and the overall efficiency of the Office’s operations.

Apr 07

An Introduction to the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs by Caroline Armstrong Hall (F’20)

by cpinkerton

“International law is not the same as international relations,” Miguel de Serpa Soares, Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and United Nations Legal Counsel, told participants at the opening of the International Law Weekend organized by the Americ

Apr 06

A Reflection on the Complexities of Being a Novice Field Researcher by Bryan Cassella (F’2G)

by cpinkerton

The trials of the field researcher lifestyle are not unheard of.