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Exploring the Catalyst for Political Change in India by Douglas Berger and Jackson McGlinchey

by tuftsigl
Exploring the Catalyst for Political Change in India by Douglas Berger and Jackson McGlinchey Aug 14

We both took EPIIC this past year, which looked at “Order and Chaos” around the globe, with an emphasis second semester on the rise of populism. We became interested in understanding what this meant in India, and in looking what accounted for the rise of the BJP.

We started the morning, like we have every day this week, with a steaming cup of chai and a bun makhan from the local street stall. Fifty rupees, or 78 cents, is enough for a Lucknow breakfast. Often, we are asked where we are from. When we answer “America”, some people’s eyes light up as they reply “ah, America!” and extend a hand to shake, some tell us they wish to go someday, and some simply ask “Donald Trump?”

Aug 10

Building Scholarships for Girls in China by Menghan Li

by tuftsigl

This summer I visited three counties from the Southwest part of Guizhou province, one of the poorest regions in China. My project is to find scholarships for the rural girls in these communities to complete their secondary education, as a means to boosting long-term development of the local community.

Aug 08

Following through by Ana Sofía Amieva-Wang

by tuftsigl

I have known Dewi since 2011 when my sister and I taught her and a few kids in a remote village in Borneo, Indonesia how to play Uno. Despite not sharing a common language, we spent countless afternoons that summer exploring the village and the edge of the rainforest.

Aug 03

Guiding Entrepreneurs in Rwanda by Utsav Mulay

by tuftsigl

“Isn’t Kigali beautiful?”, Sabrina asked as we drove past the clean streets near the airport. I was caught by surprise; I had just landed in Rwanda, and my jet-lagged mind was still on my luggage. Looking out the window at the tidy roads, with workers cleaning at regular intervals, I had to agree.

Jul 20

Returning to Sukadana By Ana Sofía Amieva-Wang

by tuftsigl

The last time I was in Sukadana, Indonesia was three years ago in 2014. It was the fourth consecutive summer my sister, mother and I had spent in a rural village in West Kalimantan (Borneo) volunteering at ASRI (Alam Sehat Lestari), a conservation and health organization.

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