Migration in Latin America by Santiago Moguel (A’22)

by tuftsigl
Migration in Latin America by Santiago Moguel (A’22) Mar 10

To close the theme of migration, the Latin American Committee (LAC) hosted a panel with Professor Katrina Burgess, Professor Helen Marrow, and Mario Delgado ‘A19. The purpose of this panel was to help individuals understand migration in the Latin American context through the expert opinions of professors and Mario’s personal experience. Panelists not only discussed the macro-level costs and benefits of migration for sending and receiving countries, but also the harsh realities faced by migrants in their trajectory.

Professor Burgess, who specializes on international political economy at The Fletcher School, outlined three major contemporary migration trends in Latin America: The restrictionist direction the US is taking, the increase of forced displacement, and the shift of status of the previously sending countries--such as Mexico and Colombia-- to becoming either transit of host countries.

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