Engineers Without Borders 10+ Year Anniversary Celebration

by EWB
Engineers Without Borders 10+ Year Anniversary Celebration Apr 29

On April 9th, 2016, EWB hosted Professor Christopher Swan, ScD., P.E., Professor Jennifer Coates, Ph.D., Joshua Das, MPH, Natasha Wright, and Sarah Freeman for our 10+ year anniversary event in Cabot Asean Auditorium. The night focused on clean water projects both domestically and internationally, with each speaker offering their own unique experiences and perspectives. The speeches were interesting, relevant, and enjoyed by all, including the many non-EWB members who attended the event. Fred Berger, one of our largest donors who passed away recently, was honored during Sarah Freeman’s speech where she discussed his impact on her pursuit of a career in international development.

Oct 05

Tufts Community Day by Olive Garst (E'21)

by jtijssen

The Tufts Engineering Chapter of Engineers Without Borders participated in Tufts Community Day on September 30, 2018. Community Day is a yearly event where Tufts clubs set up activities and events and people from the surrounding communities are invited on to campus. The event attracts families, neighbors, and lots of fun.

Sep 20

It Takes a Community by Laurel Howell (E’19)

by jtijssen

The morning of August 16 dawns bright and early. We are all awake by 6:30 and the community is already moving; women are drawing water from the borehole near the CBCC (preschool), which was built by Joshua Orphan and Community Care, where we are staying.

Sep 14

Access to Clean Drinking Water in Solomoni, Malawi by Elana Chan (A'21)

by jtijssen

Despite our exhaustion from the long journey, we were all excited to finally arrive in Malawi as we walked down the steps from the aircraft.

Jun 01

Global Access to Decentralized Fabrication by Vincent Hwang and Jordan Hindes

by tuftsigl

Tufts Engineers Without Borders organized a talk in April as part of the Institute of Global Leadership’s Migration Series. The talk, “Global Access to Decentralized Fabrication”, was given by Engineering’s Professor of the Practice Jean-Michel Molenaar.

Sep 15

EWB Conducts Research in Malawi by Dylan Jones

by mdillard

Having spent the first day of EWB’s inspection trip to Solomoni Village, Malawi checking into our hotel (and quickly passing out onto our beds), I was, along with a faulty Wi-Fi-card, unable to remark on my thoughts and send them back to Medford. However, Day 2 has proved to more propitious.

Jun 13

Town meeting in the village of Silvio Mayorga by Jennifer Sohn

by tuftsigl

After four and half days of work throughout the village of Silvio Mayorga, my trip to Nicaragua with Tufts Engineers without Borders concluded with a town meeting. Just before our return to Managua, we brought everyone together, from the community water board to neighborhood children.

May 24

EWB traveled to Nicaragua for a community assessment by Jennifer Sohn

by tuftsigl

The humid air of the bridge between plane and airport confirmed that I wasn’t imagining things.

Apr 24

Engineers Without Borders and BUILD LA Present on Current Projects and Share Ideas by Amira Al-Subaey

by tuftsigl

Once a year, members of IGL affiliated groups BUILD Latin America and Engineers Without Borders (EWB) come together to present the history and mission of their organizations, share the process of their program’s work, and elaborate on their current projects and the challenges and successes within them.

Sep 12

Challenges to Clean Water Access in Malawi by Emma Inhorn

by tuftsigl

Today was very eye-opening. We conducted interviews with families about their water. Many people told me, through my translator Joseph, that they have no way of knowing whether their water was clean, but that they have no choice but to drink it, as it is the only water they have.

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