Working in Za’atari Refugee Camp by Kristina Mensik

by mdillard
Working in Za’atari Refugee Camp by Kristina Mensik Apr 18

As part of the Institute for Global Leadership’s Student Speaker Series on Migration this spring, Tufts’ New Initiative for Middle East Peace (NIMEP) brought Michael Nikconchuk (A’11) to campus to speak about his experience working for Questscope in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Niconchuk is a Tufts and IGL alumnus who led BUILD and founded the Oslo Scholars Program at the IGL. Since departing the Tufts campus, he has crafted a highly original and deeply substantive path. Today, he is a Senior Researcher at Beyond Conflict, where he merges his academic background in International Relations and Social Cognition with his experiences as a consultant to several international organizations in the Middle East and Europe and experience working as Emergency Response Coordinator at Questscope in Amman, Jordan.

Apr 17

Transit Migration through Mexico by Claire Connolly

by tuftsigl

On February 21st, 2018, Tufts International Development hosted the IGL Student Group Speaker Series on Migration. We brought Dr.

Apr 03

EPIIC 2018-19: Migration in a Turbulent World • EXP 0079XF

by heatherbarry

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 • Tuesdays, Thursdays • 2:00-4:00pm

Mar 09

Synaptic Scholars Lightning Talks: Creating a Positive Identity by Judy Chen and Maude Plucker

by mdillard

Sunday’s Synaptics meeting featured two lightning talks that explored positive psychology and one’s identity and purpose.

Feb 16

Kombucha Lightning Talk by Madeleine Clark

by mdillard

Synaptics Scholars organize weekly lightning talks -- brief presentations given by one of the members of the group on a topic of interest. Each week, our meeting begins with a different Synaptic Scholar (a Syn, for short!) giving a five to ten-minute presentation.

Feb 07

The Urgency of a Tufts Education in Prisons by Maude Plucker

by mdillard

When I came to college in the United States, I was struck by major injustices that plagued a country that ranked highly for its wealth, power, and development. Amongst them, the lack of public health care, the prominence of gun violence, and the atrocities of mass incarceration provoked in me an infuriating confusion.