Updates on my journey into the professionalism of the Ghana Armed Forces and peacekeeping

by tuftsigl
Updates on my journey into the professionalism of the Ghana Armed Forces and peacekeeping Feb 05

With generous funding from the Institute of Global Leadership, I was able to travel to Ghana to research the professionalism of the Ghana Armed Forces and international peace support operations—which is for my capstone thesis and a requirement for my graduation from the Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy program at The Fletcher School-Tufts University. I arrived in Ghana on a warm night on the 27th December 2015. It had been over one and half years since I was in the country. As a Ghanaian, and having been away for graduate studies in the United States, it was a joyful moment to be back to the homeland. It was a moment when all the nostalgic pangs began to dissipate. The next day, I found myself at my favorite spot in Accra (the 37 Military Hospital bus terminal) reliving my favorite past habit and routine: drinking coconut water instead of just water.

Feb 05

My Parting Reflections of The Gambia

by tuftsigl

This visit to The Gambia taught me a lot about opening up to, and even expecting, constant adaptation of plans. I was unable to build the proof of concept food dehydrator that I was trying to build due to the complexity of logistics and the lack of internet to research materials for food safety.

Feb 03

International Peacekeeping: Ghana’s Unsung Glory!

by jessiewallner

John Frinjuah, a Fletcher student from Ghana recently conducted research in Ghana investigating the successes of Ghanaian peacekeeping contingents. John’s research was supported by an IGL scholarship with funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Jan 28

Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament H.E. Dr. Saleem Al-jubouri Visits Tufts University

by jennyfang

On January 27, H.E. Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri, speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, and a highly acclaimed Sunni leader who has served as a member of Iraqi Parliament since 2005, was awarded the Robert and JoAnn Bendetson Public Diplomacy Award at a talk sponsored by the Fletcher School and the IGL.

Jan 28

PNDP Exhibition Opening: "More than Pain: Documenting Palliative Care in Kenya"

by tuftsigl

An opening reception was held on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 for the exhibition "More than Pain: Documenting Palliative Care in Kenya" in the Slater Concourse Gallery.

Jan 27

Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia Speaks to EPIIC Class

by jessiewallner

Professor Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia lectured for EPIIC on comparative European and U.S. immigration policies, the "securitization" of migration, and the dynamics of integration and the "fear of the other."