The Latin American Committee: Exploring Migration by Santiago Moguel (A’22)

by jtijssen
The Latin American Committee: Exploring Migration by Santiago Moguel (A’22) Apr 17

From the migration crisis in the Mexico-US border to the mass Venezuelan exodus, hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans are on the move, escaping armed conflicts, human rights violations, dysfunctional governments, poor economies and climate change. Migration is a key component of Latin America, and the region faces the world’s largest displacement crisis. The Latin American Committee (LAC) decided to make migration its first theme for discussion, dividing the theme into three main topics:

  1. Venezuela's mass exodus.
  2. Gang violence in Central America.
  3. Climate change and natural disasters as causes for migration in Bolivia and Haiti.

Each subject was discussed individually during LAC’s weekly meetings, framed around curated readings- including essays, articles and videos that members read beforehand.

Apr 10

Ram Babu to Senthil: Leaders of Today by Karishma Chouhan (A’21)

by jtijssen

As a member of Tufts International Development: India, I, along with two fellow students, Sachin Vallamkonda (A’21) and Mike Feng (A’21), travelled to India on a scouting and phase out trip.

Apr 08

Examining the Gender Gap in Mathematics in Spain by Supriya Sanjay (A’19)

by jtijssen

This February, I had the opportunity to visit Barcelona to conduct research for my thesis, which aims to examine the gender gap in mathematics performance internationally. I began laying the groundwork for my thesis in the spring of 2018 when I was studying abroad in Barcelona, so I was able to hit the ground running.

Apr 03

Asha Sadan: Changing Lives and Mindsets by Mike Feng (A’21)

by tuftsigl

As part of the Tufts International Development India team, this winter we visited several NGOs and communities in India in an effort to find a new project partner. The first NGO that we visited was Asha Sada in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. Asha Sadan is an organization under the umbrella organization HELP.

Apr 01

Military 101: A Conversation with a Fletcher Veteran by Connor Akiyama (A’21)

by jtijssen

On its last meeting of the month, ALLIES hosted a conversation with Lt. Maria Katrina Ablen (F’19) to talk about her personal experiences during her military service and her own observations about the future of the United States Navy.

Mar 27

NIMEP Morocco: Twelve Glorious Days in Morocco By Uzair Sattar (A'21)

by heatherbarry

This is the last blog post from the NIMEP Morocco Trip 2019. All fifteen of us are currently reflecting on our experiences as we fly over the very same Atlantic waters that we saw hitting the shores of Casablanca a few hours ago.