Finding Oslo in New York by Atrey Bhargava (A’21)

by jtijssen
Finding Oslo in New York by Atrey Bhargava (A’21) Oct 18

On the 17th of September, I had the privilege of attending the Oslo Freedom Forum in New York. The New York forum is a smaller version of the annual Oslo Freedom Forum in Oslo each spring. Brimming with energy, I caught up with my fellow Oslo Scholars who had also interned at CANVAS in Serbia, an organization focused on spreading the practice of non-violence globally. From the moment I arrived at Lincoln Center, I felt myself immersed in the grandeur yet subtlety of the conference.

Oct 05

Exciting news regarding Davis Projects for Peace!

by jtijssen

We're very excited to let you know that Davis Projects for Peace has selected Tufts International Development’s Ecuador Koombook Program as one of sixteen outstanding projects from the summer of 2018!

Oct 05

Tufts Community Day by Olive Garst (E'21)

by jtijssen

The Tufts Engineering Chapter of Engineers Without Borders participated in Tufts Community Day on September 30, 2018. Community Day is a yearly event where Tufts clubs set up activities and events and people from the surrounding communities are invited on to campus. The event attracts families, neighbors, and lots of fun.

Sep 26

Export Promotion in Europe: Working at the Foreign Commercial Service by Laura Schiemichen (F’19)

by tuftsigl

As part of the Masters in Transatlantic Affairs, offered jointly by The Fletcher School and the College of Europe, I have chosen to explore my interest in foreign policy, economics, and U.S.-E.U. relations in Brussels, Belgium this fall. Since September, I have been a part of the Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) team at the U.S.

Sep 21

Sustainable Menstruation in India: “Greening the Red” by Rashi Rathi (F’18)

by jtijssen

While surveying women about their menstrual management practices in Bengaluru, India, I was surprised to learn that more than 80 percent of the respondents were concerned about their environmental footprint from using disposable sanitary napkins.

Sep 20

It Takes a Community by Laurel Howell (E’19)

by jtijssen

The morning of August 16 dawns bright and early. We are all awake by 6:30 and the community is already moving; women are drawing water from the borehole near the CBCC (preschool), which was built by Joshua Orphan and Community Care, where we are staying.