Oct 10

EPIIC & World Boston Ukrainian Delegation

by tuftsigl

As part of its EPIIC 2014-2015 Colloquium Russia: In the XXI Century, the Institute for Global Leadership and the EPIIC class hosted the World Boston Ukrainian Delegation.  Class guests included:

Sep 17

Faces of Woodstock

by tuftsigl

Hadley Green is in the class of 2015, majoring in international relations.

Sep 15

Interview with Locals in Bucerias

by tuftsigl
Nitya Agrawal is in the class of 2017 and is an Empower fellow.  She has been interning in Mexico this summer.
Sep 11

Climbing Chikobal

by tuftsigl

Nicholas Nasser is in the class of 2017.  He is an Empower fellow.

Sep 09

Arts-Based Learning

by tuftsigl
Hannah Freedman is in the class of 2017 and an Empower fellow.  She is interning with the African Youth Leadership Experience in Uganda this summer.