Amazon Rainforest Fires by Ariana Barreiro (E’23)

by jtijssen
Amazon Rainforest Fires by Ariana Barreiro (E’23) Oct 18

On the afternoon of October 16th, the Latin American Committee at Tufts (LAC) hosted its first panel of the semester to discuss the causes and implications of the Amazon Rainforest fires, which have burned down over 2.2 million acres of primary and secondary forests in 2019 alone. The panelists, Dr. Colin Orians, Sebastian Uribe, Dillon Kim, and Clemencia Pinasco (via Skype), shared their expertise on the matter through environmental, economic, and social lenses with a standing-room only crowd.

Professor Orians, whose research focuses on global change biology with an emphasis on climate change, species invasion, and agroecology, stressed the high value of the Amazon as a biological asset. He described the region as a “museum and a cradle of innovation”, highlighting the importance of both learning from its history and preserving it for the future.

Oct 11

The Importance of Water by Aditi Periyannan (E’22)

by jtijssen

Tufts University’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders joined many Tufts clubs, as well as Somerville and Medford community groups, at the 17th Annual Tufts Community Day on September 22nd, 2019. The event is a great way for local residents to connect with Tufts students so that they can learn more about what is happening on campus.

Oct 10

Fake News in Brazil's Elections by Piper Goeking(A’22)

by jtijssen

The Latin American Committee (LAC) held its first bi-weekly discussion of the semester as a discourse on the role of fake news in Brazil’s elections. The group explored the topic primarily through the lens of WhatsApp, given that the social media platform has increasingly been used as a vehicle to circulate fake news.

Oct 02

Driving Change in Johnstown by Arjun Padalkar (A’21)

by cpinkerton

This past August, I traveled to Johnstown, Pennsylvania with two classmates, Carlos Irisarri and Elliot Lam. We had decided in the spring that we wanted to understand how cities and towns in the middle of the U.S. are continuing to cope (or not) with the loss of manufacturing jobs overseas, especially in the steel industry.

Sep 27

The Women in International Relations Mentorship Program by Ellen Murphy (A’22)

by heatherbarry

This past Saturday, Women in International Relations (WIIR) hosted their Mentor and Mentee (M&M) kickoff event! (WIIR )is a recently founded organization committed to exploring opportunities for women in international relations (IR) and strengthening the IR female community at Tufts.

Sep 26

Establishing an Educational Center in Pambamarquito by Santiago Martinez-Moure (A’22)

by cpinkerton

I joined Tufts International Development’s Ecuador team during the first semester of my freshman year.