Robert Legvold Speaks in EPIIC Class

by jessiewallner
Robert Legvold Speaks in EPIIC Class Oct 31

Russia expert and Columbia University Professor Emeritus Robert Legvold is one this year's EPIIC advisers, as well as an INSPIRE Fellow and Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award recipient.  He lectured in the EPIIC colloquium recently about post-Soviet foreign policy and the internal forces within Russia that are driving its decisions.

Listen to the talk here

Oct 30

Neil Blumenthal and Corporate Social Responsibility

by tuftsigl

The Institute was honored to present Neil Blumenthal with the Boryana Damyanova Award for Corporate Social Responsibility as part of the Tufts Alumni Office's Lyon and Bendheim Lecture.  Neil, an alumnus of the EPIIC "Global Poverty and Inequality" year, is the co-founder of Warby Parker, the transformative lifestyle brand that sells

Oct 30

Steven Koltai on Entrepreneurship and Marginalization, EPIIC Colloquium 2014

by tuftsigl

The IGL welcomed Steven Koltai back to campus.  In an event co-sponsored by Empower and the Tufts Entrepreneurs Society, he spoke on "World Peace through Entrepreneurship."

Oct 23

Marcelo Brodsky Recieves Jean Mayer Award

by tuftsigl

For the recognition of his moral courage in addressing the legacy of Argentina’s “Dirty War,” the Instutite for Global Leadership was honored to present Marcelo Brodsky with the Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award.

Oct 10

EPIIC & World Boston Ukrainian Delegation

by tuftsigl

As part of its EPIIC 2014-2015 Colloquium Russia: In the XXI Century, the Institute for Global Leadership and the EPIIC class hosted the World Boston Ukrainian Delegation.  Class guests included: