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Aug 29
As a summer 2014 Empower Fellow, Georgie Nink is the Reporting and Emergency Response Intern at Questscope for Social Development in the Middle East, based in Amman, Jordan. She can be reached at Note: The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not imply Questscope endorsement. 
Though I did not receive academic credit towards my degree when I studied and worked abroad in the spring and summer of 2014, I learned perhaps more than I have learned in any other semester of study at Tufts. Most importantly I learned how to succeed in a dually-cultured work environment through my internship with Questscope (see previous post) in which Jordanian and American staff collaborate to design and implement alternative education programs for at-risk youth. 
Aug 28

Urbanization ≠ Isolation: BUILD’s 2014 Income Generation Scheme

by tuftsigl
Gautam Kapur (’16) is majoring in Economics and International Relations with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. He is a member of the BUILD:India Summer 2014 trip.
Indian villagers are no strangers to urbanization. 
Aug 27

Food insecurity in the bateyes

by tuftsigl
Dara Gbolahan, MALD 2014, Empower Fellowship, Master’s of Law and Diplomacy, The Fletcher School.
Aug 26

The Last Mile Question

by tuftsigl
Morgan Babbs is in the class of 2015, majoring in international relations.  She is an Empower fellow.
Aug 25

What does Social Entrepreneurship Look Like in Austin, Teaxas?

by tuftsigl
Tom Chalmers is in the class of 2015 and is a member of the combined degree program between Tufts and New England Conservatory. At Tufts he is an empower fellow and is pursuing a BA in economics and international relations. At NEC he is pursuing a BM in jazz performance.
Aug 23

The Reemergence of Polio

by tuftsigl
Aparna Dasaraju is majoring in Peace and Justice Studies and is in the class of 2016.  She is an Oslo Scholar.