Ellen Mickiewicz, Author of No Illusions, meets with EPIIC class

by samrock
Ellen Mickiewicz, Author of No Illusions, meets with EPIIC class Dec 05

Ellen Mickiewicz, the author of No Illusions, spoke to the EPIIC class about the state of governance in Russia and the role of young people in the current and future political climate. Mickiewicz's lecture and notes were based on research that she carried out through interviews with young Russians and offer a clear view of how they see their and their country's future..

Dec 03

Professor Gregory Carleton Lectures to EPIIC Class

by samrock

Gregory Carleton, Tufts Professor of Russian Languages and Literature, gave a talk yesterday in EPIIC about Russian conflicts and its status in Eurasia as a "bear." In preparation for the class, the students read Professor Carleton's book on the topic,  which is forthcoming.

Nov 26

Beyond Ukraine: Implications for Regional and Global Security

by tuftsigl

IGL, Fletcher Students in Security, & the Post-Soviet Nations club brought together a panel of distinguished scholars to discuss how Russia's annexation of Crimea and possible incursions into eastern Ukraine could reshape the global geopolitiacl map.

Nov 19

One-Day Forum, Confronting the Death Penalty, Concludes

by tuftsigl

The Institute co-hosted a forum on “Confronting the Death Penalty.”

For more information on the program, click here.

Nov 16

Tufts ALLIES Hosts Civil-Military Relations Conference, “In Case of Emergency: Civil-Military Relations and Disaster Response”

by emilyspak

Should militaries be involved in disaster relief? How can civil-military relations in emergency response be improved? These questions and many more were discussed at Tufts ALLIES' 2014 Civil Military Relations Conference, which occurred on November 14-15.

Nov 15

Oxana Shevel Speaks about Ukraine's Challenges in EPIIC Class

by tuftsigl

Professor Shevel's research and teaching focus on the post-Communist region surrounding Russia and issues such as nation- and state-building, the politics of citizenship and migration, memory politics.