Marine Biology and Culture by Lilly Tahmasebi

by tuftsigl
Marine Biology and Culture by Lilly Tahmasebi Aug 27

In a town where it is not unusual to see bright pink and lime green as the base and trim colors of a house, lies a community of smiley West Sumatrans blessed with an awe inspiring landscape that cannot be replicated (or, unfortunately, rebuilt). Walking down the street one sees lush greenery lining the barely paved roads where scooters, mini vans, fleets of black SUVs, and often chicken and infant goats zoom by. Bordering the houses are enormous palm trees that shoot up into the almost always vibrant blue skies. Far in the distance the outlines of volcanoes and mountains complete the scene with their majestic and unbelievable physical presence. All the while absorbing this incredible scenery, one also cannot help but step on noodle cups, flimsy water packets, and candy bar wrappers that are littered on the side of the roads and most heartbreakingly on the beaches of otherwise pristine islands.

Aug 26

Media Outreach and Reaction at the U.S. Mission to Russia by Arik Burakovsky

by tuftsigl

Since arriving in Moscow at the beginning of this summer, I have been deeply submerged in the Russian 24-hour news cycle, sometimes to the point of feeling like drowning in an ocean of information.

Aug 26

US Refugee Resettlement and Domestic Implications

by tuftsigl

Katie Saviano interned this summer at the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration in Washington D.C. She is majoring in International relations and Arabic. 


Aug 25

Namibia Ministry of Health and Social Services by Alex Kiesling pt. II

by tuftsigl

The second half of my internship in Namibia was more work-intensive, but still enjoyable. My coworker and I finished the tedious parts of the data cleaning process and I began validating and analyzing the data.

Aug 24

Open Society Foundation Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya: Blog Two

by jessiewallner

Students in the OSF workshop took a break from their work late on Sunday to visit the Great Rift Valley overlook & watch the sunset.