Religion, Politics, and Identity Panel

by tuftsigl
Religion, Politics, and Identity Panel Feb 28

The panel had very excited discussion on modern Russian identity and connection between Orthodox Church and politics. Ms. Fagan gave an overview of the role of religion in Russian national identity, especially the key issue of whether Russia should be regarded as primarily Orthodox Christian or as a multi-religious nation, and the implications of that dilemma for Kremlin policy towards the major faiths. Dr. Lunkin pointed out that the high clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church in Putin’s period supports the semi-authoritarian state, claims the anti-democratic position. He gave the example when during social mobilization period of 2012 and demonstrations for the fair elections, clergy and patriarch Kirill who earlier was very cautious in his political speeches unambiguously condemned democratic opposition. In her presentation, Dr.

Feb 28

The State and the Media

by tuftsigl

This afternoon, with a full house, speakers and guests engaged in a lively debate discussing the impact of media in politics. 

Feb 26

Welcome TILIP International Students!

by tuftsigl

Help us welcome the dozens of TILIP international students joining us this week representing their respective countries for our 2015 EPIIC Symposium!

Feb 24

Russia Photography Exhibition Opening Reception

by jessiewallner

In the spring of 2014, the Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice brought 11 students to St. Petersburg, Russia to explore Russia today, from its youth culture to its long-established traditions.

Feb 20

EPIIC 2015 Film Series: Deti 404

by tuftsigl

On Wednesday, February 18, EPIIC continued their 2015 film series, presenting "Deti 404," also known as "Children 404," with guest lecturers Gleb Latnik and Vida Johnson, the director of the Russian Program at Tufts.