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  • Announcing an Institute for Global Leadership Challenge Grant!

    We are very excited about the upcoming year for IGL!  EPIIC will be tackling “Is the Liberal World Order Ending?”; ALLIES will be holding its annual civil-military conference on the defense industry and the global arms trade; Engineers Without Borders has started two new projects in Malawi and Nicaragua; BUILD Latin America has started two new projects in Ecuador and Honduras; NIMEP is explori

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  • Waving the Saffron Flag by Douglas Berger and Jackson McGlinchey

    India’s 70th anniversary of independence seemed a strikingly local affair in Mumbai. The flags of the local right-wing Marathi party, Shiv Sena, and Maharashtra state proved far more numerous than the national standard. Party politics was very visible on the streets; celebratory caravans of men clad in Shiv Sena shirts roamed the city by bike and truck, waving the saffron flag of Hinduism.

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  • Japanese College Students on the Role of the Self-Defense Forces by Michael Olesberg

    We had the pleasure to visit a political science class at Keio University, the oldest private university in Japan. There we did a panel discussion between the JRP and Keio students. While much of the information we got out of the meeting was anecdotal, it was still fascinating.

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  • EWB Conducts Research in Malawi by Dylan Jones

    Having spent the first day of EWB’s inspection trip to Solomoni Village, Malawi checking into our hotel (and quickly passing out onto our beds), I was, along with a faulty Wi-Fi-card, unable to remark on my thoughts and send them back to Medford. However, Day 2 has proved to more propitious.

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  • Welcomed by 2,000 Japanese Self-Defense Force Cadets by Daniel Lewis

    When undergraduates enter a college cafeteria, they often don’t expect much. A few miscellaneous vegetables, various sets of fried foods and a reliably consistent mediocrity. As for the people, it depends; sometimes you sit with friends, sometimes by yourself and on those rare few occasions, you get the honor to sit and eat lunch with 2,000 Cadets from the Japanese Self Defense Forces.

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  • What Should be the Role of NGOs in Fighting for Human Rights? Summer at the Albert Einstein Institution by Sara Arman

    This summer I am working remotely for the Albert Einstein Institution as an IGL Oslo Scholar. I am working for Jamila Raqib, the executive director of the institution who was an Oslo Freedom Forum Fellow. The Albert Einstein Institution works to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action. Through educational materials such as Dr.

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  • Professional National (and Personal) Education by Eva Kahan

    The National Defense University feels a bit detached from your average Washington, DC national security institution. While the Capitol complex has multiple metro stops, and the Pentagon has a parking lot the size of the Tufts campus and an attached megamall, NDU is tucked away in a gentrifying neighborhood of the District of Columbia’s Southwest quarter.

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  • There Are No Cookie Cutter Solutions to Building Democracy: CANVAS in Belgrade by Zara Rancheva

    It would not be an overstatement to say that, during my first month of work at CANVAS, I was perpetually awestruck. I had already met Srdja Popovich, at the 2017 Oslo Freedom Forum and listened to his incisive remarks on what should be done to thwart the rise of illiberal democracies (some of which had sprung up in the very heart of Europe).

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  • Tufts University's Response to Charlottesville

    August 14, 2017

    Dear Members of the Tufts Community,

    In the wake of the incidents in Charlottesville this weekend, I write to condemn the acts of racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry and violence, and to offer Tufts’ prayers for the victims, their families and the communities harmed by the actions of white supremacists.

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