NIMEP Trip to Jordan

Various Locations, Jordan MERG

• Beyond Food, Shelter and Water: Assessing the Stability of Jordanian Refugee Health Services
Safiya Subegdjo

• Gender Mainstreaming To Prevent Gender-Based Violence in Za'atari Refugee Camp
Leah Muskin-Pierret

• Why Wasn’t There a Jordanian Arab Spring?
Yasmin Badr

• An Analysis of Iraqi Elections post-2005 and Relevant Influencing Factors such as Refugees: A Case Study of the Effect of Refugees on Jordanian Policies and Politics
Elayne Stecher

• Jordan’s Rising Refugee Populations and the Effect on Trans-Boundary Water Negotiations
Hannah Freedman

• Conflicting Perceptions: An Examination of Self-perception and International Portrayal in Jordan
Ananda Paez Rodas

• Official Management of Za'atari's Informal Economy
Elizabeth Robinson