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Waving the Saffron Flag by Douglas Berger and Jackson McGlinchey

by tuftsigl
Waving the Saffron Flag by Douglas Berger and Jackson McGlinchey Sep 21

India’s 70th anniversary of independence seemed a strikingly local affair in Mumbai. The flags of the local right-wing Marathi party, Shiv Sena, and Maharashtra state proved far more numerous than the national standard. Party politics was very visible on the streets; celebratory caravans of men clad in Shiv Sena shirts roamed the city by bike and truck, waving the saffron flag of Hinduism. The contrast with our own Independence Day was prominent. Whereas we see ours as typically apolitical and centered on national unity, India’s appears to be strongly molded by political party and locality.

Sep 20

Living Conditions and Development Needs in Hawai'i and the Marshall Islands by Noah Rose

by mdillard

I am in Kwajalein Atoll where I am meeting with local and US officials and visiting various sites to see living conditions and development needs to explore a Pacific ALLIES project.

Sep 15

Japanese College Students on the Role of the Self-Defense Forces by Michael Olesberg

by mdillard

We had the pleasure to visit a political science class at Keio University, the oldest private university in Japan. There we did a panel discussion between the JRP and Keio students. While much of the information we got out of the meeting was anecdotal, it was still fascinating.

Aug 08

Buhoro, buhoro: Aegis Trust and Peacebuilding in Rwanda By Alexandra LaRosa, Fletcher MALD Candidate 2018

by tuftsigl

When friends and family ask how I’m enjoying my time in Rwanda, I automatically default to saying that Rwanda is beautiful. If I say this to Rwandan’s who ask how I find their country, however, they often become dismayed. “What about it is beautiful,” some will respond, prompting me to come up with a more original review.

Aug 02

The Geography of Shatila by Eliza Davis

by tuftsigl

They call Shatila a camp, but in reality it’s much more of a sprawling neighborhood. Infamous for the Sabra and Shatila massacre of 1982, the “camp” now plays home to far more Syrians than Palestinians. Fleeing from neighboring Syria, over 1.5 million have sought refuge in Lebanon, a country with a population of just four million.

Jul 31

Amman’s Built Environment by Ian James

by tuftsigl

I arrived in Amman six months ago as a student in a study abroad program. During my semester in Jordan, I was able to explore different parts of the city, improve my Arabic, and make friends at the University of Jordan. I quickly decided, however, that I wanted to stay beyond my four-month program.

Jul 11

My Summer Diving into Mediation and Diplomacy by Ningyi Sun

by tuftsigl

I am an upcoming second-year student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, spending my summer in Singapore for my internship with the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD).

Jun 05

Hermeneutic Analysis of the 2014 Annexation of Crimea, part 2 by Dan Pechi

by tuftsigl

Today marks the last day of my stay in Moscow after an intense week of cold calls and meetings. If this project has taught me anything, it's that hard work can really pay off.

May 19

Hermeneutic Analysis of the 2014 Annexation of Crimea by Dan Pechi

by tuftsigl

I arrived in Moscow in the early hours of the 11th at our hotel not far from the center of Moscow in Chistye Prudy. Located in the Garden Ring of Moscow, we were able to easily access the city and get in touch with everyone from anti-fascist activists to representatives of Putin's United Russia Party.

Mar 29

Navigating Asian Pacific Alliances by Susannah Klopf, John McSorley and Ian Kapuza

by mdillard

In today's political climate, alliances are increasingly being called into question. The United States has played an important role in the Asia Pacific in the last few decades.

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