Aug 31

The Blesser Breakers' Final Update from Zambia

by MH

Since our last blog post on June 30th, we made tremendous progress in our interactions with community members in Mongu and Limulunga Districts in Western

Aug 16

Agriculture: The Roots of Empowerment, by Avi Belbase (A23)

by MH

In the community of Bolgaun, Bhimala works to ensure the livelihood of the crops and adequate maintenance of farming procedures over 7 communities.

Aug 15

Making Valuable Connections: Fletcher's Nani Detti's Summer Networking Experience

by VManve

Over the past couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to meet a few individuals who work with university students, and other young people in Ethiopia. Last week, I had an opportunity to meet with Dr.

Aug 05

Updates about PHASE Clinic in Nepal by Jakob Lattanzi (A22)

by VManve

During our stay in Bolgaun, Nepal, we had the opportunity to observe operations at a 

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