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The Relevancy of the Albert Einstein Institution by Alessandra Moreno (A’21)

by tuftsigl
The Relevancy of the Albert Einstein Institution by Alessandra Moreno (A’21) Nov 04

Two weeks ago, I began my remote work as an Oslo Scholar with the Albert Einstein Institution (AEI). AEI is a nonprofit that specializes in the study of strategic nonviolent action and communicates nonviolent methodology to movements and activists around the world.

I began my work with an understanding that my tasks would change rapidly, and my main job would be supporting the work of AEI’s Executive Director, Jamila Raqib. I created briefings on the political context of countries with which Ms. Raqib was in contact. Ms. Raqib uses the briefings compiled by her interns to advise activists that have contacted her on the safest actions, guided by the teachings of the late Dr. Gene Sharp, the Institution’s founder.

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Sep 02

Activism during a Pandemic by Colin Kennedy

by KeishaC

Working with CANVAS, a non-violence training center based in Serbia, has given me the opportunity to work on a breadth of issues that relate to activism in the world today, while understanding the impact of the pandemic. Every week, I work on reports that discuss current human rights abuses and protests around the world.

Aug 18

Creating a Dialogue Across Borders: Social Media Advocacy with One Day Seyoum by Leah Yohannes (A’21)

by tuftsigl

“There isn’t an avenue to address your qualm and it’s by design. The system was not intended for that, there was never a democratic rule of law. Anyone can be arrested, and you don’t have the right to advocate for your child or family. That’s how they always meant for it to function.”

Aug 12

Inspired Activism: The Courage Fund Cambodia by Amelia Miller (A’23)

by tuftsigl

It is mid-July, and I have been working remotely with Courage Fund Cambodia (CFC) for approximately six weeks. With every week that passes, I learn more about not only those I am working with, and CFC as an organization, but also about what it takes to run an organization with a noble mission such as that of CFC.

Jul 30

19 Stolen Years: Holding the Eritrean Regime Accountable by Leah Yohannes (A’21)

by tuftsigl

This summer I am interning with One Day Seyoum (ODS), a youth-led organization dedicated to publicizing human rights violations in Eritrea and to speaking out against the current regime.

Jul 27

Langos and legacies: Dismantling Dictatorships with Jamila Raqib by Haruka Noishiki (A’21 )

by tuftsigl

Over the past few years, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I have pined over the Oslo Scholars Program.

Aug 23

Summer’s End by Taylor Lewis (A’21)

by tuftsigl

This week marks my tenth and final week at the Albert Einstein Institution (AEI). My time spent working with Executive Director and nonviolent resistance scholar Jamila Raqib has been truly wonderful.

Aug 19

A Summer in Belgrade Well Spent by Noah Zussman (A’20)

by tuftsigl

Though I am writing this blog post on American soil, I already wish I was back in Belgrade, eating cevapi while overlooking the Sava river. It is hard to believe that my time in Belgrade has come to an end, yet I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and experience I had.

Jul 30

A Dive into Resistance Theory by Taylor Lewis (A’21)

by tuftsigl

It is strange to think that the summer is already halfway over, and my time at the Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) with it. Since my first meeting in early June with Jamila Raqib, the organization’s executive director, I have done more thinking about nonviolent resistance and its intricacies than I have since coming to Tufts.

Jul 26

A Balkan Adventure Continued by Noah Zussman (A’20)

by tuftsigl

After spending the past month and a half in Belgrade, I am still enthralled with the incredible work CANVAS is doing and find myself charmed by Belgrade more and more every day.

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