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Medical Spanish: Lost in Translation by Gabriela Funez-dePagnier

by mdillard
Medical Spanish: Lost in Translation by Gabriela Funez-dePagnier Jan 19

It felt great to collectively accomplish a week of setting up five pop-up clinics in rural communities around Xela, and providing free medical care and prescriptions to approximately 400 patients. This experience would not have come to fruition without Timmy Global Health’s partnership with Pop Wuj. The staff members at Pop Wuj, who assist in all medical brigades year-round, foster an ongoing relationship with the communities through having continuous conversations and building trust to provide tailored medical care for the patients.

Jan 19

“It is never about me but others”: Tufts Timmy Global Health Medical service trip to Xela, Guatemala by Magnifique Mukundwa

by mdillard

I knew almost nothing about Guatemala until I joined Tufts Timmy Global Health, one of the 15 chapters of Timmy Global Health. Timmy Global Health is a non-profit organization based in Indiana that is dedicated to tackling global health disparities in Guatemala, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Nigeria.

Aug 22

Timmy Global Health with Asociación Pop Wuj, Guatemala by Hannah Levin, part 2

by tuftsigl

The second half of the work I did with Pop Wuj rapidly came to an end. After adjusting to the lifestyle and pace in Xela, Guatemala, with the occasional earthquake shock and parasite challenges, the days packed with morning clinic and afternoon classes flew by.

Aug 14

Tufts Timmy Global Health and Pop Wuj in Guatemala by Hannah Levin

by tuftsigl

A short description of Xela would tell you that this relatively large city in the western highlands of Guatemala, is settled between active volcanos and a number of indigenous towns and is known for its vibrant culture.

Sep 03

the Center for Young Women’s Health at the Children’s Hospital by Nathaniel Tran

by tuftsigl

I remember my middle school science teacher telling me, “Put good in, get good out!” as she reminded my class to eat breakfast and snack throughout the day if we needed to.


Jun 19

GROW Returns to Kathmandu: A Reflection on Rayale

by tuftsigl

Hello from Kathmandu! We arrived back in the capital a few days ago, after having spent the past three weeks living in the village of Manadhova, Rayale in the Kavrepalanchowk District of Nepal.

May 28

Boston to Guatemala: Clinical Work in Quetzaltenango

by tuftsigl

Kris Boelitz is a junior majoring in History, and is a member of Tufts Timmy.

May 23

SGCP Nepal Visit

by tuftsigl

Today we had the incredible opportunity to visit Self-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy Nepal (SGCP). The center was located right outside of Kathmandu.

May 22

GlobeMed at Tufts: GROW Team Takes Kathmandu

by tuftsigl

Hi everyone! At the end of our second full day in Kathmandu, we’re sitting on a romantically lit roof-top garden, trying to remember all that’s happened in the past two days. So far, it’s been exciting/tiring/eventful/overwhelming and especially eye-opening. We are exhausted, but we are enjoying it.

Jan 29

EPIIC 2013 Symposium: Global Health and Security

by tuftsigl

The EPIIC Symposium will be held February 21-24, 2013 at Tufts University. See more details including speaker bios and Symposium schedule here. Thank you!

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