Jun 13

UN STI Forum by Jiaxun (Leila) Li

by tuftsigl

My first conference at the United Nations was deeply illuminating, despite the many esoteric acronyms. The STI Forum is short for the Multi-stakeholders Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Jun 07

Oslo Freedom Forum & Internship with Albert Einstein Institution by Claire Trilling

by tuftsigl

I stepped off the plane in Oslo, Norway excited to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum, a gathering of the world’s most notable human rights activists, journalists, policymakers, technologists, and artists who share the goal of making the world a more democratic and peaceful place.

Jun 06

Getting to the interview is half the challenge in Lebanon by Eliza Davis

by tuftsigl

I woke up at 6:30am and cursed Mekano Rental Car. I’d tried to pick up a car the day before but had a misunderstanding with the service driver and ended up arriving five minutes past closing. I’d left Fourn el Chebbeck with half an hour to spare but had ended up in the wrong part of Bourj Hammoud, stuck in traffic.

Jun 05

Panel Summary Day Zero: Water Crisis South Africa by Jonathan Keenan

by tuftsigl

Cape Town is at the center of a major El-Nino-triggered drought, which began in Southern Africa in 2015 and continues today as annual rainfall in the region had decreased by as much as 75 percent.

Jun 04

David Rawson Memorial Lecture by Dr. William Overholt by Peter de Guzman

by tuftsigl

SURGE held its annual China-U.S. Symposium on April 13th-14th. This symposium was composed of four panels, a lecture, and a keynote speech by Singaporean Ambassador to the United States Dr. Ashok Kumar Mirpuri.

Jun 01

Global Access to Decentralized Fabrication by Vincent Hwang and Jordan Hindes

by tuftsigl

Tufts Engineers Without Borders organized a talk in April as part of the Institute of Global Leadership’s Migration Series. The talk, “Global Access to Decentralized Fabrication”, was given by Engineering’s Professor of the Practice Jean-Michel Molenaar.