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Safeguarding the E-library Program’s Sustainability by Mario Lagnese (A’20)

by tuftsigl
Safeguarding the E-library Program’s Sustainability  by Mario Lagnese (A’20) Sep 16

Our Tufts International Development (TID) group had just finished up our work in San Jose de Minas, a small town located 50 miles north of Quito, Ecuador. During our time in Minas, we were able to check in on one of our current projects at Colegio San Jose de Minas, the local K-12 school. The previous summer, our focus on educational technology prompted the installation of the Koombook, an e-library kit that provides remote communities, without the internet, access to web-based resources. On that trip, our team installed Koombook Programs in both Minas and Jatumpamba, a rural village about 30 minutes outside of Minas. Following our time in Minas, our next task was to travel to Jatumpamba where we would be meeting with students and community members to evaluate the project.

When we first arrived in Jatumpamba, I was taken by surprise as to how rural the area really was – all that existed in the “center” of town was a school, which also served as the community center.

Sep 13

Stories from the Field by Geoffrey Tam (F’20)

by jtijssen

During my first stakeholder meeting with Kwangu Kwako, Ltd. (KKL), I had the opportunity to meet Milka Achieng, a charismatic young woman who has grown up in Kibera’s Gatwekera neighborhood. Kibera is referred by many as Africa’s largest slum with an estimated population of around 250,000 people.

Sep 11

Scale-Up Stories by Connor Doyle (A’21)

by jtijssen

The end of June saw a busy time for Endeavor, with a jam-packed schedule from the get-go. On June 23, we hosted “High Impact Talks,” inviting our mentors and Endeavor Entrepreneurs to hear about cap table governance and exits from the two heads of Internet Banking at Jefferies.