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IGL Alumni Panel "Mind, Body, Schisms: Conflict and Cognitive Science"

by tuftsigl
IGL Alumni Panel "Mind, Body, Schisms: Conflict and Cognitive Science" Dec 27

What is going on in the mind of individuals in conflict settings?  How does your brain respond to “others” who do not fit in to your social group?  Conflict and fear are closely related, and they can be analyzed through a scientific lens. This is the intersection of cognitive science and social conflict that the NGO Beyond Conflict aims to understand. Tufts alumni, Michael Niconchuk (BUILD, A’11) and Elizabeth (Biz) Herman (EPIIC’08, Exposure, A’10) joined us for a discussion of their work with Beyond Conflict (formerly Peace and Justice in Times of Transition). 

They spoke about how conflict affects your brain and body, your sense of self, and your community. They went on to explain how conflict often molds the cultural narratives of communities touched by violence around the world.

Dec 20

NIMEP Symposium on “Yemen: Civil Conflict and Intervention” by Taylor Lewis and Colin Kennedy

by tuftsigl

On Friday, November 30, NIMEP hosted its first symposium on “Yemen: Civil Conflict and Intervention” to help the campus understand this history and geopolitics of the current war, its complexities and its humanitarian consequences.

Dec 12

Engaging with the World: My Time at the U.S. Mission to the EU by Laura Schiemichen (F’19)

by jtijssen

The city of Brussels is currently transforming its shop windows: slowly, they are filled with lights, pine decorations, and a spiced shortcrust biscuit called speculoos. I am anxiously awaiting the first Christmas markets and the annual holiday transformation at le Grand Place.