Jan 13

Reflections from Za’atari Camp Parts 2 and 3

by tuftsigl

Written by Student Researcher Umar Shareef, EPIIC 2014


I posted my first reflection from Za'atari Refugee Camp in Jordan here.


Jan 09

Water Issues in Nigeria

by tuftsigl

Written by Ajay Ramnani, EPIIC 2014


Jan 09

Is Entrepreneurship the Answer to Unemployment?

by tuftsigl

Written by Bradley Friedman, EPIIC 2014


Jan 09

Reflections from Za’atari Camp

by tuftsigl

Written by Student Researcher Umar Shareef, EPIIC 2014


Jan 08

The Lingering Impacts of the Gezi Park

by tuftsigl

Written by Student Researchers Rebecca Varley and Max Fathy, EPIIC 2014


Nov 06

Putting the Last, First

by jeremyzelinger

Written by Jeremy Zelinger, IGL staff member

Jul 03

Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatemala

by tuftsigl

Alex Zorniger will be a junior this upcoming fall, majoring in International Relations, and was a member of the 2012-2013 EPIIC Colloquium this past year.

Update #2

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