Inquiry 2015 Wraps Up

by jessiewallner
Apr 13

Russian Duma MP Ilya Ponomarev delivered this year’s Hunter Farnham Inquiry Memorial Lecture on the Russia-U.S. relationship as more than 170 high school students gathered to discuss and debate “Russia’s Future with the Post-Soviet States” for the 23rd annual Inquiry program.
The students, representing delegations from Russia, Ukraine, Novorossiya, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Chechnya, Germany, China and the U.S., met in committees on Sovereignty, Security, Terrorism, Economics, Energy, Human Rights, and the Crisis in Ukraine to explore a broad range of challenges and think about creative solutions.  The issues they were given to consider ranged from transparent borders to ethnic minority policies, from cybersecurity to religious extremism, from the Eastern Ukraine to economic diversification.
Given the number of students, simultaneous simulations were held.  To see some of their ideas and outcomes, please visit the blog for each simulation: Vilnius Meetings and Dushanbe Meetings.