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Kuchipudi, India: Building Hospitals for Rural Communities by Sachin Vallamkonda (A’21)

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  Kuchipudi, India: Building Hospitals for Rural Communities by Sachin Vallamkonda (A’21) May 20

On behalf of the Tufts International Development (TID) India team, Karishma Chouhan, Mike Feng, and I received the opportunity to speak with multiple amazing NGOs in southern India. TID India had worked closely with Payir – an organization in Tamil Nadu, India which works to support rural villages in various ways from health and sanitation to sustainable farming and nutrition – for seven years. Payir’s need for our help gradually decreased and thus we decided to phaseout our partnership with them.

TID India now seeks to partner with another organization. Because of TID’s focus on sustainability and empowerment, we hoped to work with a smaller nonprofit NGO. After contacting several NGOs, TID India sent a team of three to view the nonprofits onsite and speak with the local communities in-person. One of the four NGOs we surveyed was Silicon Andhra, specifically their Jayaho Kuchipudi initiative.

May 15

Jamnesty! 2019 by Saira Madarasim (A’21)

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On Friday April 12th, Tufts students gathered in Hotung Cafe to listen to some great tunes and advocate for human rights at the Tufts Amnesty International Chapter’s annual Jamnesty!

May 14

Student Summary: Conflict, Simulation, and Zombies! by Alessandra Jacimovic (A'22), Clara Etchegaray (A'22), Tejus Govani (A'22), Ava Dimond (A'22), Armaan Tandon (A'22), and Maya Namasivayam (A'22)

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As an effort to support the material taught in our ExCollege course we -- seven freshmen along with our two instructors -- attended the Montreal 2019 Connections Wargames conference at McGill University.