AmnesTEA/Write for Rights

by kendalltodd
Dec 07

On Sunday, December 6, Amnesty held the annual Write for Rights letter-writing drive in Sophia-Gordon Multipurpose Room. The theme of the event was AmnesTEA, so the room was set up like a coffeehouse, with clusters of chairs scattered around and tables bearing international food and drinks lining the edges. On the menu were banfora welshcakes from Burkina Faso, baklava from the Middle East, pan dulces from South America, Burmese milk tea, and Arabian coffee, among other delicious offerings from the nations addressed in Amnesty USA's 12 focus cases. Overall, participants signed 250 total letters, a result which made the event organizers very proud.

For more information on Write for Rights as well as instructions on how to participate, see here.

For photos from AmnesTEA and announcements about future Tufts Amnesty events, see our FaceBook page here.

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