Student Leaders and Members

Erin Blank (’20)

Finance, Honduras Team

Erin is a double major in international relations and Spanish. She has previously worked with educational development before with the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. She is especially interested in the impact that the education of women has in developing countries and is interested in continuing this work in Latin America.

Alexandra Claman (’19)

Director of Funding, Ecuador Team

Allie is a senior studying International Relations, Spanish, and Peace and Justice Studies. She is involved with Tufts International Development’s Ecuador team and their digital library project in Ecuador. In August 2018, Allie traveled with the team to Ecuador to evaluate the pilot program in Coaque and expand the project to two new locations in the greater Quito area. The goal of the project is to bring educational materials to communities with limited internet access through the establishment of community centers with digital libraries and computers pre-loaded with educational information. During the trip, she led the new monitoring and evaluation efforts for the project and trained community members how to use the digital library technology.

Cristina da Gama (’19)

Co-Leader Ecuador Team

Cristina is a senior from Caracas, Venezuela majoring in Economics and minoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership & Engineering Psychology. She joined Tufts International Development in her Freshman year due to her passion in sustainable development, especially in the region of Latin America. She has been part of the TuftsID Ecuador team ever since. Through the Ecuador program Cristina has gained a deeper understanding about the theory of international development and has learnedhow to drive change in educationby working together with local communities. This experience has become fundamental in her personal and professionaldevelopment. In the future, Cristina would like to apply her learnings about development and sustainability in the area of social entrepreneurship.

Shoshana Goldman (’20)

Media Coordinator, Honduras Team

Shoshana is a junior majoring in international relations. She is interested in pursuing a career in international development. She is especially interested in improving education and empowering women in underdeveloped regions. By being involved with Tufts International Development, she hopes to explore her ethical role as a global citizen who wants to make a difference in the developing world.

Paulina Jedrzejowski (’19)

Co-leader, India Team

Paulina Jedrzejowski is a first-generation senior majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Latin America and Economics and minoring in Portuguese at Tufts University. Originally from Polish immigrant family from New York City, she continues to have a very strong connection to her roots. Paulina is involved in multiple activities on campus and her passion for sustainable development has been shaped by her gap year with Global Citizen Year. Paulina enjoys working with non-governmental organizations to implement community development projects that increase the living conditions of people. In the future, she hopes to work on International Economic Development at the United States think tanks. During her free time, Paulina likes to travel, explore museums, and take walks.

Rachael Meyer (’19)

Co-Leader Honduras Team

Rachael Meyer is a senior from Cedar Bluffs, NE who is double majoring in International Relations and Environmental Studies. This past summer she interned at John Snow, INC working on environmental health consulting. Previously she has worked for the Center for Rural Affairs, the Everglades Foundation, spent time volunteering in Peru, Honduras, and Tanzania, and worked as a private tutor for Tufts Literacy Corps. At Tufts she works for the Tufts Daily and is a member of the Tufts Climbing Team. Rachael looks forward to pursuing a career in environmental sustainability and diplomacy.

Megha Nayar (’19)

Media Coordinator, India Team

Megha Nayar is a junior studying Quantitative Economics. She has been part of BUILD: India since her freshman year and has travelled with the club twice (2016 Summer and 2017 Summer trips). She is part of the current core leadership and is excited to see how to club navigates the challenging but rewarding experience of partnering with a new NGO.

Ryan Newquist (’19)

Honduras Team

Ryan Newquist is a senior from La Cañada Flintridge, California and he is majoring in International Relations. Ryan has been a part of the Honduras Team of Tufts International Development since his sophomore year. He has always been interested in education and the impact that it can have on a community. After graduation, he is interested in teaching English abroad and traveling around the world.

Clemencia Pinasco (’19)

Consulting Director, Ecuador Team

Clemencia is a senior from Lima, Peru. She is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Policy, and very passionate about conservation and sustainable development. She is particularly interested in the value of education for development. Clemencia has worked with several NGOs that have a strong focus on education and is very excited to continue working on the Libraries Without Borders project to expand access to education in Ecuador. In her free time, Clemencia likes hiking, climbing and investigating the daily activity of spider monkeys in the Peruvian Amazon.

Cami Rovalino (’19)

Consulting Director, Ecuador Team

Camila, as an Ecuadorian student, is committed to giving back to the country that she has called home for most of her life. She majors in quantitative economics. She is very interested in the role that technology plays in breaching the educational gap between developed anddeveloping countries andenabling a sustainable development. She has experience in consulting as well as working with NGOS both in the US and Ecuador. She has worked with NGOs such as Kids In Need of Defense (KIND), TECHO Ecuador, among others. She is very excited to continue her work with TuftsID and expand the reach and improve the content currently available for the community in Coaque.

Jacob Rubel (’21)

Co-Leader Ecuador Team

Jacobis a sophomore from Brooklyn, NY. He is majoring in political science and minoring in economics, with afocus in political theory. His involvement in Tufts International Development has inspired a passion for sustainable development and educational access.Jacobis also a monitoring and evaluation intern at the MIT D-Lab, where he works to understand the impact and strategy of the different international development initiatives that the D-Lab oversees.