LAC members and leadership

Imanol Varela '24

Imanol Varela is a sophomore from San Juan, Puerto Rico and intends on majoring in International Relations (Globalization Concentration) and Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Besides the Latin American Committee, he is involved at Tufts with the Puerto Rican Association, teaches as a Spanish T.A. in the Department of Romance Studies, and works in the office of the Economics Department. Imanol enjoys learning languages and traveling since this offers him a variety of knowledge that does not appear in the books. After graduating Tufts, Imanol wants to live in Europe for a while and then go to law school where he wants to focus on International Commercial Law.


Carolina Andrade '24
Vice President

Carolina Andrade (A’24) is a sophomore from Quito, Ecuador and currently serves as the Vice President for the Latin American Committee (LAC). She intends to double major in International Relations (International Economics concentration) and Economics with a minor in Finance. Through LAC she seeks to bring more attention and create a safe space for discourse about Latin American political and social issues that are often overlooked. Outside of LAC, Carolina is also a member of Women in International Relations and works as a Spanish Teaching Assistant. She also continues to supervise a project she founded in 2018 called “Kawayán,” which seeks to revitalize the community of San Roque on the Ecuadorian coast by improving the development of the area and the prompt revival of tourism through the reconstruction of housing and women empowerment. Carolina is interested in politics, economic development, and the cause and effects of economic and political instability in the Latam region. She also loves finding new music to listen to, art, and photography.


Safi Chalfin-Smith '24
Research Chair

Safi (A’24) is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a Portuguese minor from Gainesville, Florida. Through LAC she hopes to increase engagement and awareness of Latin America, specifically regarding elections and movements for social change. Outside of LAC, she is the co-chair of JumboVote, weekly ESL tutor, and curriculum coordinator for Teach-in-CORES. She hopes to attend law school and focus on immigration law.

Beatriz Sánchez '24
Outreach Chair

Beatriz Sánchez is a sophomore from San Juan, Puerto Rico, majoring in Biopsychology and minoring in Studio Art. She serves as the Outreach Chair for the Latin American Committee. She is also involved in the Tufts Puerto Rican Association and the Tufts Women’s Waterpolo Team. Outside of Tufts, she works as a Clinical Research Intern at the Center for Women’s Mental Health from Massachusetts General Hospital, where she directly provides support on the National Pregnancy Registry for Psychiatric Medications. With her positions at MGH and LAC, Bea seeks to learn and bring awareness to health-related issues, in Latin America, specifically those involving female-identifying individuals. Her interests outside of school include art, swimming, cooking, and reading. After graduating, she intends to continue her studies through medical school to become a perinatal/reproductive psychiatrist.

Cecilia Figueroa '23

Cecilia Figueroa is a junior from San Juan, Puerto Rico majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Entrepreneurship Studies. Besides Latin American Committee, Cecilia is involved in Puerto Rican Student Association (PRSA) and Chi Omega Sorority. Cecilia is interested in Human Resources and People Operations. After graduating from Tufts and working for a few years, she wants to attend graduate or business school to study Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Jessica Hirsch '24

Jessica (A’24) is a sophomore from New York, NY. She serves as the Treasurer and the Liaison to the Tufts Institute of Global Leadership for the Latin American Committee (LAC). As an International Relations and Psychology double major, Jessica seeks to educate her contemporaries on prevalent security, health, and gender issues in Latin America. Beyond LAC, she has raised funds for hunger relief in Venezuela. In the international sphere, Jessica has interned for the International Union of Conservation and Nature (IUCN), which aimed to incite policy change in the environmental sector with the specific aim of reigning in climate change. After graduating, she would like to attend law school with a concentration in international law. In her recreational life, Jessica enjoys painting and biking.

Ariadna Condezo '25
Freshman Representative

Ariadna (A’25) is a freshman from Lima, Peru, who intends to major in International Relations and Civic Studies. She is passionate about education, social change, and youth leadership. She serves as the Freshman Representative for the Latin American Committee (LAC) where she hopes to raise awareness of socially and politically pressing issues in the region to the Tufts community. Outside Tufts, she has been involved in organizations such as Global Citizen Year and Latin American Leadership Academy where she served as a Coach and Trainee Manager fostering youth empowerment to lead the change in their communities. She has also started initiatives to break the mental health stigma in Latin America and promote literacy to vulnerable populations in Peru in liaison with the government. After graduating, she hopes to work in an international organization focusing on educational policy and human rights. Besides academics, Ariadna enjoys baking, crafting, and bullet journaling.