Research and Projects


EPIIC provides unusual opportunities for students to conduct research projects and participate in internships related to its annual theme, both at home and abroad.

The Institute for Global Leadership has supported more than 2,000 students traveling to more than 95 countries since 1986.

Students are able to take advantage of connections forged during the colloquium and symposium to pursue their interests and to create meaningful long term projects.

Students are encouraged to develop their own topics, such as: contending with internally displaced people (IDP’s) from Colombia to Congo; the future of the Rohingya of Myanmar; migration and liberal democracies; climate change and forced migration; transit camps and longterm refugee settlements; Britain’s windrush generation; the legacy of partition in India and Pakistan; technology, apps and the migration crisis; health care and education in refugee camps; trauma, mental health and refugees; the arts and migration; diaspora politics; gangs and the deportation of violence; human trafficking; migrant labor and human rights; measuring the economic impact of migration...