Projects and Research

EPIIC provides unusual opportunities for students to conduct research and investigative journalism projects related to its annual theme, both at home and abroad. The Institute for Global Leadership has supported more than 1,700 students traveling to more than 95 countries since 1986.

Students are able to take advantage of connections forged during the colloquium and symposium to pursue their interests and to create meaningful long term projects.

Students are encouraged to develop their own topics, such as: “frozen conflicts” and potential flashpoints on the borderlands of Europe; Britain’s exit from the European Union; the territorial conflict in the South China Sea; progress and failure in the Paris climate negotiations; the future of Israel/Palestine; the future of the Kurds; sports and international diplomacy; the role of human rights in diplomacy; the impact of Wikileaks; post-conflict negotiations and transitions from South Africa to Argentina; the U.S. military and U.S. foreign policy...

International Students and EPIIC

Each year, EPIIC invites student delegations from international universities to the symposium week to expand the dialogue for them and for Tufts students. Generally, more than 40 students from Brazil, China, Iraq, Israel, Russia, Singapore, and South Korea, among others, attend. EPIIC encourages Tufts students to develop collaborative research projects with international students.