Student Leaders and Members

Mrugank Bhusari (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Mrugank is a member of the Class of 2021 from Mumbai, India. Through his double-major in Quantitative Economics and International Relations, he hopes to investigate how economic methods can drive evidence-based international policy. He is particularly interested in the intersection of human security, migration and development. He is presently a Visiting Student at the University of Oxford studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). He has previously worked as a research assistant for Professor John A. List, an experimental economist at the University of Chicago, and is also a Laidlaw Scholar at Tufts. He was a member of the EPIIC Colloquium (18-19), where his interests in these topics was ignited. Beyond the overarching theories of migration, it was the personal narratives and individual stories that left a deep impression on him; stories of snap decisions, of broken aspirations and of hope. Subsequently he is pursuing a career in policymaking and research, with the intention of bringing human dignity to the centre of the discourse. As an Oslo Scholar, he will be working with Jamila Raqib at the Albert Einstein Institution.

Adam Foster (’22)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Adam Foster is a member of the Class of 2022 and pursuing an International Relations Major with a concentration in Security and a Minor in Mandarin. He is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he spent most of his time pursuing legislative change on the state level, becoming the youngest ever registered Lobbyist in the state’s history, with a specific focus on youth advocacy, development of broadband infrastructure, and education. At Tufts, he has continued this interest in politics and international relations as a member of SURGE, ALLIES, CIVIC, and an executive board member of Tufts Peace Action, as well as a member of the IGL’s EPIIC 2020 class: Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities. He hopes to continue his work in human rights and advocacy this Summer through One Day Seyoum. Through his internship at One Day Seyoum, he hopes to gain valuable experience in lobbying on an international scale and learn more about modern-day atrocities and abuse of power in Eritrea.

Mahdi Ibrahim (’23)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Mahdi Ibrahim is a member of the Class of 2023 from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pursuing a double major in International Relations and Economics and a minor in Colonialism Studies, he is interested in exploring how colonial legacies shape economic development in postcolonial nations. He is also passionate about foreign affairs, particularly as it relates to political economy, human rights, and social movements in the Middle East and in Africa. On campus, Mahdi is on the e-board for the Eritrean-Ethiopian Student Association and the African Student Association, a member of the Tufts Consulting Collective and the Tufts Labor Coalition, involved with the first-generation community, an RA, and a Tufts with Rwanda fellow. He is also an intern at Global Kids’ “US in the World” Summer Institute, working alongside the Council on Foreign Relations to develop a three-week foreign policy program for high school students in NYC. As an Oslo Scholar for the summer of 2020, Mahdi is interning with One Day Seyoum, an organization shedding light on the numerous human rights violations committed by the state of Eritrea against its people. ODS coordinates campaigns, political and legal efforts, projects, protests and speaking engagements to apply pressure on the Eritrean regime as well as governments and citizens around the world. As someone of Eritrean descent, Mahdi has a personal and moral commitment to the mission of ODS and is looking forward to working on a range of projects and strengthening the organization’s efforts and audience this summer.”

Carlos Irisarri (’21)

Oslo Scholars Coordinator

Carlos Irisarri is a junior at Tufts University, where he studies a combination of political science, philosophy, and history. Carlos has been working with the IGL since his Freshman year, having taken the IGL’s flagship course EPIIC both Freshman and Sophomore year. In 2018, Carlos became an Oslo Scholar working for El Chigüire Bipolar, a Venezuelan satirical news company. He was also given the chance to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum, an experience he cherishes to this day.  Apart from his work at the IGL, Carlos participates in several political discussion groups on campus and works as a light technician for Tufts' theater.


Colin Kennedy (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Colin Kennedy is a member of the Class of 2021 and is originally from Seattle, Washington. He is double majoring in history and quantitative economics, with particular interest in journalism, international affairs, and human rights. He grew up and went to school in India, Switzerland and Ethiopia and is passionate about working with people across cultures. At Tufts, he is involved with the Tufts Daily and the Middle East Research Group.

Colin is especially interested in the realm of development economics and accountable governance. In summer 2017, he interned with USAID/Ethiopia’s Democracy and Governance Office, where he examined democratic trends in Ethiopia and compiled a report on the development of social accountability and local governance. In summer 2018, he was a Tufts with Rwanda Fellow and studied firsthand the long-term efforts under the Kagame government in reconciliation and economic development following the 1994 genocide.

At Canvas this summer, he hopes to continue to learn about governance and social accountability.

Amelia Miller (’23)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Amelia is a member of the class of 2023 from Howard, Pennsylvania. She is double majoring in International Relations and Arabic and is especially interested in security, foreign policy, and human rights. On-campus, she serves as Events Chair for Women in International Relations, Treasurer of ECOM, Assistant Curriculum Director for Middle East Research Group, and is an active member of Action for Sexual Assault Prevention. This past year, she was also a Tufts with Rwanda Fellow. Participating in this program has furthered her desire to make a positive impact on the world and pursue a career connected to human rights. This summer, Amelia is interning with activist and politician Mu Sochua, through the organization Courage Fund Cambodia. She is excited to be promoting the vital work of the organization through social media and looks forward to learning more about activism and the promotion of democracy, and supporting activists who are victims of oppression as a result of their work.

Alessandra Moreno (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Alessandra Moreno is a rising senior majoring in political science and Middle Eastern studies with a minor in Arabic. Alessandra grew up in New York City and attended LaGuardia High School for Music and Art, planning for many years to follow in her parents' footsteps and pursue a career in the arts; however, at Tufts, Alessandra has been able to fuel her passion for human rights and genocide education, inspiring her to think about the ways the arts can be used as political tools. Alessandra currently serves as the Cummings intern on Genocide and Holocaust education and works as the leader and coordinator for the Tufts with Rwanda Fellowship. Also, she is a member of Action for Sexual Assault Prevention, Tufts Wilderness Orientation, manages the Experimental College's social media accounts. Alessandra hopes to use her summer as an Oslo Scholar to study both the ways in which the arts can be used as a form of nonviolent action and how nonviolent action in all of its forms can be strategically implemented to replace violence.

Haruka Noishiki (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Haruka is a rising senior studying International Relations and Psychology at Tufts University and hails from Japan with Jerseyan and Californian roots. On campus, she leads international relations groups focused on Women’s Empowerment (Women in IR), Sino-US relations (SURGE) and journal publication (Hemispheres) while serving as a Writing Fellow. She kicked off the 19-20 academic year with a Summer in DC, Fall in Boston chased with a Spring semester in Paris cut short, and is looking forward to going back to all three homes, old and new. She will conduct her Senior Honors Thesis on cartographical influences on foreign policy decision making next year. Her areas of interest include East Asia, East Europe, nuclear proliferation, psychological analysis in international decision making and threat perception. She speaks Japanese, English and French. She is looking forward to serving as an Oslo Scholar with the Albert Einstein Institution and supporting Jamila Raqib.

Leah Yohannes (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Leah Yohannes is a member of the Tufts Class of 2021 pursuing a double major in Peace and Justice Studies and Political Science. She’s most passionate about international security, particularly regarding issues of gender-based violence. After graduation, she’s interested in pursuing a career in political communications and law. Previously she’s worked as a Communications and Marketing intern at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall, formerly known as Town Hall Los Angeles. On-campus she’s an active member of Tufts Amnesty International and currently serves as the organization’s Social Media Coordinator. Additionally, she’s also a student worker at the IGL and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. As an Oslo Scholar, she will be working with One Day Seyoum, an international human rights organization dedicated to raising awareness about human rights violations committed in Eritrea and supporting Eritrean refugees. She hopes to gain experience in utilizing communications strategy in human rights advocacy and making human rights work more accessible.