Student Leaders and Members

Connor Akiyama (’21)


International Relations, Economics

Connor is from the California Bay Area and is majoring in international relations and economics. He has been involved in various IR organizations on campus, but is very excited to be leading ALLIES in his final year at Tufts. He is simultaneously terrified and excited of post-grad life and whatever kind of new challenges it will bring for him. He also wishes he had his Legos with him at Tufts to continue making stop motion videos with.


Haider Ali (’21)


Major: Biology, History

Haider is a senior from New York majoring in Biology and History, with a concentration in the ancient Mediterranean world. He has been part of ALLIES since his freshman year and helped plan the 2019 Field Exercise in Peace and Stability Operations. He also previously served as the co-director of the 2019 Civil-Military Relations Conference and led the ALLIES delegation in the 2019 Fletcher ISSP SIMULEX conference. While hoping to one day pursue a career in medicine, Haider is fascinated by the complexities of international relations and loves discussing all aspects of the topic.


Jackson Lubke (’23)

Programming Director

Major: Quantitative Economics, Mathematics

Jackson is a sophomore from New Jersey, majoring in Quantitative Economics and Mathematics. He loves international relations and has been a part of ALLIES since he came to Tufts, even though he is not majoring in international relations (a fact which often eludes a certain co-leader). He hopes to become a professional economist one day, whatever that means.


Nicholas Martin (’22)


Major:Undecided (International Relations or Physics)

Nicholas is a freshman from New York City who is considering majoring in International Relations or Physics. He is especially fascinated with the study of interstate conflicts as well as the interaction between new technologies and international relations. At Tufts, he is involved in the running and electric racing clubs in addition to ALLIES. During his free time, Nicholas enjoys reading the news, practicing his ukulele, and going to the gym.


Dylan Miles (’21)

Logistics Director

Major: International Relations, Economics

Dylan is a senior from New York City majoring in International Relations and Economics. He has been involved with ALLIES since stumbling in during freshman year. He helped plan the 2019 FIELDEX simulation as well as the 2019 Civil Military Relations Conference and has staffed the Fletcher ISSP SIMULEX conference. In his spare time he enjoys procrastinating on his homework and playing video games with his friends.


Mika Mizobuchi (’24)

Freshman Representative

Major: (undecided) International Relations or Political Science

Mika is a freshman from Bethesda, Maryland and is looking towards majoring in International Relations and/or Political Science. She is ecstatic to be part of ALLIES and work as one of the freshman representatives this year. She is also an active member of JCC and Women in IR.


Nitya Nadgir (’20)

Liaison Director

Major:International Relations

Nitya is a sophomore from the greatest state in the world, New Jersey. She is majoring in International Relations (with a concentration in Economics) and has been a part of ALLIES since her freshman fall. She was one of the first-year representatives for ALLIES last year, and is excited to continue working with the e-board and the greater ALLIES community this year as well!


Simon Weiss (’24)

Freshman Representative

Major: Intending to major in International Relations

Simon is a freshman from the great city of Iowa City in the great state of Iowa. He is intending to major in International Relations and is new to the ALLIES team this year as one of the freshman reps. He is also part of the Tufts ski team, a debate coach, and is trying to learn Chinese.


Sabrina Wen (’22)

ALLIES Curriculum Director

Major: International Relations, Computer Science

Sabrina is a junior from the greatest city in the world, New York City. She is majoring in international relations and computer science, and has been part of ALLIES since her first year at Tufts. Outside of ALLIES, Sabrina is a TA for the computer science department, a regular at Kung Fu Tea in Davis, and is also learning how to not burn her food when cooking.