Student Leaders and Members

Alison Bogy (’20)

Programming Director

Alison is this year’s Programming Director. She’s a sophomore studying international relations and Chinese. She’s from San Francisco originally, but she has also lived in Barcelona, Spain where she took a gap year to teach English to children. Besides ALLIES, she’s also involved in CIVIC, works at Tisch library, and interns at the campaign incubator The Blue Lab.

Kevin Jun Sung (’19)

Logistics Director

Kevin Jun Sung is a dog enthusiast and junior from Los Angeles, California majoring in International Relations and Environmental Studies. He has been involved with ALLIES and the Civil-Military Relations Conference since freshman year, and is very eager to continue working with both. In his free time, Kevin Sung dreams of one day being a moderately successful father and proud parent of three beautiful dogs.

Daniel Lewis (’20)

Curriculum Director

Daniel Lewis is a Sophomore from Washington, DC who is majoring in Political Science. As part of the inaugural Tufts 1+4 Class, Daniel spent the year before college living with a host family in Florianopolis, Brazil and interning at a non-profit and a tech company. This past summer, Daniel spent three weeks researching Civil-Military relations in Japan. Daniel is very involved with Tufts ALLIES, an organization that works to bridge the civil-military gap and Tufts CIVIC, Tufts only non-partisan discussion group. He is also a published writer, with pieces appearing in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Hill and Newsday. He loves movies of all varieties and debating any topic that begets an opinion.

Sammy Salkin (’18)


Sammy Salkin is a senior studying Community Health and Sociology. She became involved with the ALLIES during her freshman year and has held a number of positions in the organization since then. Before serving as co-leader, Sammy was a member of the planning team for the 2015 Civil-Military Relations Conference (CMRC) and Fieldex 2016. She then co-directed the 2016 CMRC along with Sam Weitzman. When she is not planning ALLIES events, she works as a case manager at an emergency shelter for domestic violence victims. She is intending to pursue a Master of Public Health through the Tufts Medical School and hopes to continue to serve as a support system and advocate for abuse survivors.

Samuel Weitzman (’18)


Sam is a senior from Cleveland double majoring in International Relations and Philosophy. Before becoming co-leader, he served in a number of roles in ALLIES. In the fall of 2016, Sam simultaneously co-directed (along with Sammy Salkin) the 2016 Tufts ALLIES Civil-Military Relations Conference (CMRC), served as the curriculum director, and was a member of the planning team for FieldEx 2017. During the 2015-16 academic year, he served on the planning teams for the 2015 CMRC and FieldEx 2016. Sam first became interested in ALLIES after hearing Sherman speak at Jumbo Days, although a misdiagnosis of whooping cough delayed his attending a meeting until the very end of the first semester of his freshman year. On campus, he is also involved with the Tufts Daily, Sigma Iota Rho, CIVIC, and Philosophy Club. In his free time, Sam enjoys (among other things) reading, writing, sports, listening to music and podcasts, spending time with friends, and making semi-obscure pop culture references.