Lecturers and Advisers of the 2011-12 EPIIC Colloquium Include:

• Samih Al-Abed, Former Minister of Planning, the Palestine National Authority
• Graham Allison, Author, Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe
• Andrew Bacevich, Author, Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War
• Diane Davis, Project Director, Urban Resilience in Situations of Chronic Violence, MIT
• Edward Girardet, Author, Killing the Cranes: A Reporter’s Journey Through Three Decades of War in Afghanistan
• Justine Hardy, Founder and Director of Healing Kashmir
• Karl Kaiser, Director, Program on Transatlantic Relations, Weatherhead Center, Harvard University   
• David Kilcullen, Senior Counterterrorism Strategist, U.S. State Department
• Sherif Mansour, Senior Program Officer, Middle East and North Africa, Freedom House
• Amb Jonathan Moore, US Coordinator and Former Ambassador at Large for Refugees
• Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, Former CIA Station Chief, Soviet Union
• Roger Petersen, Author,  Resistance and Rebellion: Lessons from Eastern Europe
• Lowell Schwartz, Political Scientist, The RAND Corporation; Author, Beyond the Nuclear Shadow
• Ervin Staub, Author, Overcoming Evil: Genocide, Violent Conflict and Terrorism
• Nik Steinberg, Researcher, Americas Division, Human Rights Watch*
• John Tirman, Executive Director, Center for International Studies, MIT; Author, The Deaths of Others

Tufts Lecturers/Advisers include

David Art, Political Science; Daniel Drezner, The Fletcher School; Michael Glennon, The Fletcher School; Kelly Greenhill, Political Science; Bruce Hitchner, Classics; Ayesha Jalal, History;Paul Joseph, Sociology; William Moomaw, The Fletcher School; Vali Nasr, The Fletcher School; William Ostlund, Fletcher Security Studies Fellow; Peter Uvin, The Fletcher School; Robert Wilkinson, The Fletcher School; Peter Winn, History.