Tufts Idea Exchange

Date & Time April 9, 2014 7:00pm
Cabot Auditorium

Inspiration. Innovation. Ideas. The Tufts Idea Exchange (TEX) is a one-day, TED-style forum hosted by the Institute for Global Leadership’s Synaptic Scholars program. Recognized as 2012’s Program of the Year by the Office of Campus Life, TEX is an experience of intellectual inspiration and entertainment for the Tufts community.

Seven speakers chosen from amongst the students, faculty and alumni of Tufts University will each have 10 minutes to tell you about a brilliant idea that they’ve had. There are no limitations on subject or field. Professor Maryanne Wolf and students Noha Ahmed, Petar Todorov, Anna Troein, Gavin Murphy, Scott Delisle, and Dylan Portelance will be speaking this semester.

The event will be held at 7pm on April 9th in the ASEAN Auditorium in the Cabot Intercultural Center.