Action for Education

Tufts ID & Action for Education Partnership

Project description for the 2017-2018 academic year: Facilitate program development and lead efforts in grant writing and fundraising in order to open the Trinidad School of Nursing, a project of the Honduran nonprofit Action for Education.

Background: ​This project was initially conceived in 2015 by Tufts alumna Marianna Marques and Tufts student Mia Ellis. It is formally a project of the non-profit organization Action for Education, which operates in Honduras. Trinidad School of Nursing seeks to provide affordable nursing education for people who would not otherwise have access to career opportunities. The mayor of Trinidad has asked us to establish this program in his community, citing the dire need for a sustainable health care program. Given that there are insufficient nursing programs and the nurse to population ratio in Honduras is extremely low, an affordable nursing program located in Trinidad, near villages without access to health care, will effectively address the health professional shortage in the region.

The last two years have been spent developing the program design and networking in the country in order to ensure the success of the school. The proposed school is a two-year auxiliary nursing school, with a mandatory community service component. In order to best design the program, we have gone on several trips to Honduras, during which we have conducted a needs assessment in Trinidad and held meetings with Honduran nursing education professionals. We are now working with several healthcare professionals and government officials in the country to design and accredit the curriculum. We have raised more than $10,000 in funding, and acquiring sustainable funding will be a major focus this coming year.

Goals for the 2017-2018 acadmic year:

  1. Fundraising
    1. Grant research and writing
    2. Conduct crowdfunding campaign
  2. Social Media
  3. Program Development
    1. Finalize design of the curriculum
    2. Fully accredit the program
    3. Create a program handbook
    4. Outreach to clinics to find locations for training and post-graduation employment
  4. Service Trips
    1. Improve design to ensure long-term benefits
    2. Recruitment

Qualifications: ​All team members must have a willingness to learn and be flexible. Spanish proficiency or fluency is a big plus. The average weekly commitment is 2-3 hours; however, this will vary based on the week. Please do not apply if you feel you cannot make this time commitment.