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The 2013 EPIIC International Symposium is taking an intensive and multidisciplinary look at Global Health and Security in today's world. Leading global health practitioners and experts will be arriving from around the world to discuss issues such as food insecurity, sexual violence, mental health, bioterrorism and more. The symposium will begin on Thursday evening and continue until Sunday afternoon. Peter Piot, the director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the founder of UNAIDS, will be giving the keynote address kicking off what is set to be a thought-provoking and inspiring symposium. 

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EPIIC 2013: Global Health


EPIIC 2012-13: Global Health

This yearlong course will be an intensive multifaceted, multidisciplinary probe into historical, scientific, socio-economic, political, philosophical and ethical dimensions of the essential challenges and dilemmas of global health.

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Reactions to Epiic

I appreciated the smart and thoughtful discussions at our panel at the EPIIC Forum on "Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism"...The questions raised are obviously hugely important and it was marvelous to be able to listen to such a high quality discussion.

K. Anthony Appiah

Professor Afro-American Studies and Philosophy

The conference was of great value to me, especially through new contacts I made...The spirit of the meeting was, I think, an inspiration for many of your students who, in turn, were an inspiration to us.

Mr. Leonard Silk

Former Senior Economic Columnist and Correspondent, The New York Times

It is worth making models of the future, but we have to regard them as prostheses for the imagination. That's one of the theses emphasized here at EPIIC

Mark J. Miller

University of Delaware and Editor, International Migration

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