INQUIRY 2019-20 Teaching Group

Date & Time September 9, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm
96 Packard ave

The Inquiry Teaching Group is an opportunity to introduce important global issues to high school students through online or in-person discussions throughout the year and by designing and enacting a role-playing simulation on the Tufts campus in April for the more than 250 high school students. The schools are a mix of public and private schools, urban and suburban. The goal of the program is to raise high school students’ awareness about global issues and their complexities, as well as to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills and their public speaking and negotiation skills.

FIRST MEETING: Monday, September 9
12-1pm (open block) at the IGL, 96 Packard Ave

INQUIRY 2019-20

April 2-4, 2020

Never Again: Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities
EXP 0079 XAF • Two Semesters • 2 SHUs each semester