Mark Rafferty '13

Jordan - Amman

Mark Rafferty graduated from Tufts in 2013, where he majored in International Relations (Middle East and South Asia) and Arabic. At Tufts, he participated in the EPIIC 2009-2010 Colloquium on South Asia and was a member of NIMEP for three years. He participated in the group's 2011 fact finding trip to Iraqi Kurdistan, where he researched the region's trade and social ties with Iran. Mark currently lives in Jordan and works for Questscope, a social development organization providing alternative education options to marginalized youth, and he plans to pursue a career working in social development in the region.

Cody Valdes '13

United States - Boston

Cody Valdes is developing within political theory. He is working at Tufts in various ad-hoc capacities through 2015. As an IGL student he worked with close groups of peers developing projects in poltiical violence mitigation, renewable energy, and poverty and power analysis. He was involved in the Poverty and Power Research Initiative when it studied the Philippines, the EPIIC colloquia on Global Cities, South Asia: Culture, Conflict, Complexity, and Change, and Global Conflict in the 21st Century, the Empower Program during 2011-12, and is a Synaptic Scholar. 

Christina Goldbaum '14

United States - Boston

Christina Goldbaum (A14) completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Entrepreneurial Leadership studies at Tufts University. She has worked in East Africa and Latin America on various development and human rights focused projects ranging from holistic education programs in Tanzania to the protection of indigenous populations' rights in Bolivia. She has served as the co-director of BUILD, a student-led, collaborative rural development organization working with resettled combatants in Guatemala and with a community in Tamil, Nadu India, and was the Undergraduate Coordinator for the Empower Program for Social Entrepreneurship in 2012-13. She has also conducted research internationally on public health programs in Rwanda and local perspectives on US military involvement in Uganda, and was a member of the EPIIC colloquium on Conflict in the 21st Century. Her interests include social entrepreneurship, non-fiction story-telling, and the intersection of entrepreneurial and political culture.