Colloquium Members

At EPIIC's core is the year-long, multidisciplinary course on a global political theme. Undergraduate and graduate students of diverse nationalities, viewpoints, experiences, and interests, participate in this rigorous colloquium that stresses critical, analytical and normative thinking. Students are encouraged to confront the ambiguity and complexity of EPIIC's annual global theme through a multi-disciplinary examination of the issues and controversies that the topic reflects. They are taught the subject under investigation not only by a broad range of distinguished academics and practitioners, but also as active participants in defining the issues through classroom presentations and discussions, extensive readings, and independent research. There is an emphasis both on individual progress and on the collaborative effort -- in essence, an intellectual team. Students produce tangible outcomes to their studies through their individual research papers or projects, the international symposium, and the Inquiry simulation.



Ria Agarwal is a sophomore from Salt Lake City, Utah, intending to double-major in International Relations and Civic Studies. Her academic interests include human rights, international law, and gender equality, specifically within the United States and South Asia. This past summer, Ria interned with the Asian American Public Affairs Association, focusing on bolstering AAPI representation in democratic processes. On campus, she is the Resources Co-Chair for JumboVote, a member of 180 Degrees Consulting, and a dancer for Tufts Pulse.




Ian Boldiston is a senior from Albany, New York majoring in International Relations with a concentration in globalization and minors in Spanish and Political Science. He is passionate about the nexus of diplomacy and development and interested in Rule of law and human rights. In the past, Ian has completed internships in international development and legal research. On-campus, he is the Discussion Lead for the Middle East Research Group (MERG), was a Tufts with Rwanda Fellow, is a Tufts Wilderness Orientation Leader, has been involved with the Prison Initiative student group, and plays for the Cricket Club. Through EPIIC, Ian is seeking to learn more deeply about the challenges and opportunities associated with global governance structures in an increasingly globalized world.



Rachel Coll is a sophomore from the Boston area. She is intending to major in International Relations (concentrating in Globalization) with a minor in Sociology. Rachel is interested in Global Health, Middle East politics, and Global Women’s Education. Through EPIIC, she hopes to gain the knowledge and tools to become a more engaged, responsible, and active global citizen. Before coming to Tufts, she spent a year living in Jerusalem while studying Arabic and Hebrew and learning different narratives and nuances related to the region. At Tufts, she is a Democracy Rep through JumboVote, a mentor with DREAM, and will be peer teaching the class “Visions of Peace Israel/Palestine” this spring.


Selomi Dayaprema

Selomi Dayaprema is a sophomore from North Carolina. She is planning on majoring in International Relations with a focus on globalization. At Tufts, she is involved with Women in International Relations and is looking forward to working with Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative. She hopes to be able to study abroad in France. Selomi is especially interested in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals across developed nations and the Global South. She is also curious about the effectiveness of global institutions in addressing issues from pandemics to the climate crisis. She is excited to be part of EPIIC this year because the themes and topics align well with her interests.



Yunkai (Kevin) is a sophomore from Hangzhou, China majoring in Economics and International Relations. He is inquisitive about how the increasingly complicated Sino-U.S. relationship affects the international business dynamics behind phenomena including reshoring initiatives and corporation sanctions. He is also interested in how international collaboration could be achieved during the rise of regionalism and nationalism. Some of his other engagements include being an analyst at Tufts Trading Fund and working for the feature story and business team at Tufts Daily. During his free time, you will likely find him watching melodrama or jamming with his electric guitar.



Janya Gambhir is a third-year student from New Delhi, India studying Computer Science and International Relations. Her academic interests focus on the intersection of tech and public policy (which she hopes to pursue in the future), South Asian regional politics and history, and the role of colonialism and capitalism in modern-day society. She currently serves as the Co-President of Tufts South Asian Regional Committee, a South academic discourse and research group on campus. She is also on the E-Board for Public Harmony, a club combining music and community service, and serves as a Student Consultant for 180 Degrees Consulting. In addition to taking EPIIC this year, she took part in the 2019-20 EPIIC class on Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities. Outside of class, Janya enjoys cooking spicy food and doing crossword puzzles.



Isabella Getgey is a fourth year duel-degree student from Cincinnati, Ohio. She studies Political Science and Fine Art between Tufts and the SMFA, with concentrations in American Government and Printmaking. Isabella is interested in the intersection between politics and culture, and how cultural shifts change constitutional law and foreign policy in the United States. On campus, Isabella is Vice-President of the Student Government Association (SGA) at the SMFA, and in her free time, enjoys making pottery and knitting. Isabella seeks to gain a perspective on global governing systems and their efficacy based on the actions of individual members, and how participation in supranational government can affect domestic policy.



Selina Liang is a junior from Beijing, China. She majors in philosophy and psychology. Selina lived in Dakar before moving back to Beijing, where she acquired her primary and middle school education. She then joined an international school in Muscat for two years and finally finished her high school years in Tenessee. Living in different countries, Selina has developed a particular interest in international cooperation and global governance. She further explored her passion as she interned in a law firm, participating in cases related to international maritime law and business law. Outside of the classroom, Selina enjoys cooking, reading, and staying with her cat Philos. Through EPIIC class, Selina hopes to gain an in-depth understanding of global governance and the role of international institutions in fostering equality and cooperation among nations.



Joseph Lim is a junior from South Korea, pursuing International Relations and Film and Media Studies. At Tufts he was involved in Tufts Hemispheres and the Tufts Daily. He had worked as a reporter/social media intern in multiple organizations including the Social Documentary Network, Cambridge Community Foundation, and Gatehouse Media. He has finished 18 months of military service in the ROK Army, honorably discharged with the rank of sergeant. He loves music and street dance. He is interested to learn more about East Asian Politics, with a vision to work toward Korean Reunification in the foreseeable future.


Izzy Martinez-Merlos

Izzy Martinez-Merlos is a sophomore majoring in International Relations from Chicago, Illinois. She spent a semester abroad in Beijing during high school where she studied Chinese politics, history, and language. She studied French all four years of high school and participated in an exchange program to Paris in high school. Izzy is also a Spanish heritage speaker. Currently in her fourth year of Chinese language study, she plans to be fluent and return to China for a semester abroad next year. Due to her love for languages, she also plans on studying Arabic, Hindi, and Korean in the future. Izzy is interested in sustainable development and has participated in volunteer programs to the Dominican Republic and Yunnan, China through Global Leadership Adventures. On campus, Izzy is involved with the Association of Latin American Students, SURGE—the Tufts Sino-US Relation engagement group and is the publicity deputy for Women In International Relations. She is also a member of CORES, a club that works with a local organization to teach ESL and preparation for the US citizenship exam to local immigrants and refugees in the Somerville area. She combined her love for cultures and dancing by joining three cultural dance clubs on campus: Wuzee (Chinese fusion), Tufts Middle Eastern Dance, and Encendido (Latin dance).



Cole Maura is a junior from Nassau, Bahamas. He is studying International Relations with a concentration in globalization and is pursuing a minor in Computer Science. Cole is interested in the efficiency and sustainability of emerging markets, particularly infrastructure development, corruption prevention and mitigation, and environmental resiliency. Outside of the classroom, Cole enjoys playing soccer and tennis, spearfishing, and listening to soca, dancehall, and afrobeats. Cole is particularly interested in studying the Caribbean and West African regions.



Brie McGowan is a senior double majoring in International Relations and Economics with a concentration on Globalization and minoring in Arabic. She is from Fanwood, New Jersey and is passionate about studying global issues such as forced migration, international law, economic development, and human rights. She spent her junior year interning for Refugees Welcome!, a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening and connecting migrant service providers in the Boston area. This past summer, she worked as a Tisch Summer Fellow at Refugee Dream Center which is a post-resettlement refugee agency in Providence, Rhode Island. At Tufts, Brie serves on the Executive Boards of Women in International Relations, Tufts Economics Society, and Tufts Culinary Society, she is the Team Captain of the Tufts Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and is a leader through Tufts Wilderness Orientation. Brie is very excited to participate in EPIIC this year because of the opportunity for her to learn about various global issues that require an international response, and she is looking forward to organizing the symposium this Spring!



Ellie Murphy is a senior studying International Relations and Sociology. On campus, Ellie is the senior advisor of Women in International Relations and participates in the Big Sister program. Her academic interests include the study of gender in international relations, humanitarian aid, and international law. Ellie is looking forward to learning more about the relationship between international organizations and state’s governments in EPIIC.




Margo Muyres is a senior from Evanston, Illinois studying International Relations and Environmental Studies. On campus, she has been involved with The Latin American Committee, Tufts Mountain Club, Green Dot, and plays on the women’s rugby team. She has worked as a Tisch Summer Fellow for the past two summers at The Environmental League of MA and Groundwork Somerville and is currently interning for State Senator Pat Jehlen. She is interested in multilateral environmental agreements, sustainable and equitable food systems, international supply chains and building a circular economy. She spent time living and learning in Bolivia which has impacted her perspective of the environment, indigenous knowledge, and political advocacy, and enabled her to develop fluency in Spanish. In EPIIC, she hopes to gain insight on how the U.S. can better engage with and respond to a wide range of pressing issues, such as arms control, globalized economies, and climate change.



Hunter Purevbayar is a first-year student from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He is studying Computer Science, Cognitive and Brain Science, and International Relations. In his free time, he enjoys playing the electric guitar and watching old crime movies. On-campus, Hunter is interested in joining various clubs to expand his knowledge in the field of diplomacy and psychological thought. Moreover, he is particularly focused on East Asian Politics and is interested in its relation to global governance. Through EPIIC, Hunter hopes to learn from renowned lecturers and gain a deeper understanding of international organizations and their approaches to pressing world issues.




Meera Rohera is senior studying political science and philosophy from Mumbai. At Tufts this year, she is involved in the South Asian Regional Committee, an academic and research group related to the subcontinent under the IGL. Currently, she is working on her thesis concerning how land and resource rights might develop in space, from both international relations and philosophical perspectives. Over the summer of 2021, she was a research intern at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in the Aerospace Security Project under the International Security Program. During her internship, she worked on an independent research project looking at opportunities and challenges for Indian space policy concerning the private industry. Meera is interested in international space law and policy along with the Indian space industry. Through this year's EPIIC class on Problems Without Passports, she wants to better understand global governance concerning different issues and domains and see how that could apply to outer space. She hopes to work in the space industry on business and policy for a few years before attending law school. In the long run, she hopes to be a part of the discourse on Indian space policy and international space law. She was also a part of the 2019 EPIIC class on Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities and is looking forward to another year of EPIIC!


Maya Van Rosendaal

Maya van Rosendaal is a senior at studying International Relations, History, and GIS with a particular interest in gender and migration. This summer, she had the opportunity to intern with Peace Boat US, a Japan-based NGO that works closely with the UN on issues of disarmament and climate change. She is passionate about the intersection of globalization and gender studies, as well as the potential of utilizing geographic information systems in the humanitarian field. She is very excited to study the role and functioning of International Organizations with EPIIC this year. At Tufts, Maya is a coordinator of LCS Animal Aid and can often be found walking dogs across campus.



Francisco Salazar is a Junior from Bogotá, Colombia. He is majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Globalization and perusing a minor in Peace & Justice Studies. Francisco is interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy and economic development. He’s interests for International Development are primarily inequality, education, and Health. Francisco is also part of the Tufts Men’s Rugby Team, RA at the Spanish House, and works part time as a research assistant for Digital Planet at the Fletcher Graduate School. Francisco’s regional interests are primarily on Latin America.



Melanie Seitzer is an exchange student from Germany, studying Political Science and Public Law in her third year at the University of Tübingen. In her studies of Political Science she is focussing on International Relations, in Public Law on International Law. Melanie is especially interested in learning more about International Law and International Policies from a US perspective instead of the focus on Europe she has had in her studies so far.




Sage Spalter is a sophomore at Tufts University from Berkeley, California, and Chevy Chase, Maryland. Sage studies International Relations with a focus on International Security. She recently completed a gap year where she worked in program and strategy development for a nonprofit organization focused on progressive issues in Washington, D.C. At Tufts, Sage is a copy editor for the Tufts Daily and tutors an elementary school student through the Leonard Carmichael Society. Outside of school, she works on political advocacy with J Street U and is currently interning with EducationUSA, a network within the State Department, in Sub-Sarahan Africa.



Seif Zrelli is a first-year student from Tunis, Tunisia. After graduating from the American Cooperative School of Tunis, he came all the way to Tufts to pursue his interest in global affairs. On campus, he is involved with the Middle East Research Group and J Street U. Passionate about social justice, Human Rights, and conflict resolution, Seif is excited to learn about different global issues in this year's EPIIC Program "Problems Without Borders." Since he lived through the Tunisian Revolution and its consequences for over 10 years, he got to experience some "Problems Without Borders" firsthand, from terrorism to climate change. He is eager to hear from renowned lecturers and read their works and analyses on the world's most urgent issues and how to solve them. Hoping to major in International Relations and minor in Peace and Justice, EPIIC is one of Seif's first courses in the field and he is certain he will be beyond satisfied with all this program has to offer.