Is Peronism Back? A Conversation About Argentina’s Presidential Elections Results

Date & Time November 14, 2019 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Olin 011
Latin American Committee

Argentina had its most recent elections on October 27th. Alberto Fernández was elected President with 48.10% of the vote, while current President Mauricio Macri received 40.37% of the vote. Alberto  Fernández’s win also meant the win for former President Cristina  Fernández de Kirchner as she became the new Vice President elect of Argentina. Vice President Cristina  Fernández de Kirchner presided over Argentina for two consecutive periods between 2007 and 2015 and is sometimes referred to as modern-day Eva Perón. Eva Perón was the second wife of Juan Domingo Perón, the father of “Peronism,” a political ideology and movement based on the principles of social justice, economic independence, and political sovereignty, often characterized as populist. The October 27th electoral results therefore pose the question about the potential resurgence of Peronism. We will be joined by former South America Director on the National Security Council at the White House and current Director for the Argentina Project at the Wilson Center Benjamin Gedan (‘02) for the day’s conversation about Argentina’s presidential electoral results and their implications for not only Argentina, but also for the region as a whole. 

Join us this Thursday November 14th from 7-8pm in Olin 011 as we discuss and explore the various implications of the resurgence of Peronism. Bring questions in mind :)  

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