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A Reflection on My Remote Internship Experience in Colombia by Meher Khatwani (A’22)

by tuftsigl
A Reflection on My Remote Internship Experience in Colombia by Meher Khatwani (A’22) Aug 10

This summer, I am doing a remote internship with the Universidad de los Andes (UniAndes) in Bogotá, Colombia. I am currently an intern with their Office for International Affairs, and I am working on various projects to enhance the university’s internationalization and expansion efforts. Their long-term goal is to open up their university to students around the world and to brand UniAndes as an internationally recognized institution. They hope to do so by creating more student exchange and inter-collegiate research opportunities. Therefore, the majority of my work consists of assisting with Spanish to English translation, researching external programs for summer research opportunities, and organizing legal agreements with partner institutions. This week, I am focusing on translating their student portal website and their registration tutorial videos to ensure that prospective international students have access to information and support on campus.

Aug 07

Why is albania’s talent leaving the country? by Alfred Sogja (F’1G)

by tuftsigl

U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim visits U.S. technology company Mozenda in their offices in Tirana, Albania. Photo taken by U.S. Embassy-Tirana.

Aug 06

The Role of Women in Modern Conflicts by Avani Kabra (A’23)

by tuftsigl

This summer, I have had the pleasure of working with four other Tufts’ students on a project called A Woman’s War with Elizabeth (Biz) Herman, an IGL alumna and a PhD candidate at the University of California Berkeley.