Mark Munger


Mark Munger, Ed. M, CAS, is a Senior Associate at the Positive Deviance Initiative in Boston, MA. After a career in management consulting, Mr. Munger began a decade ago to develop the theory and practice of Positive Deviance as a social and behavioral approach to seemingly intractable problems. He has applied PD to healthcare challenges such as hospital acquired infection and pain management in hospitals from Maine to Kentucky to Minnesota. He also has worked with colleagues to address school success and graduation in troubled high school environments, and for five years has worked with the Danish Ministry of Justice to improve prisons and reduce recidivism. Mr. Munger was educated at Princeton and Harvard Universities, and was affiliated with the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health.


“The Institute of Global Leadership at Tufts, attracts, trains, and delivers fluent and moral adaptive behavior in Tufts students,  faculty, and representatives of many other institutions drawn to a compelling mix of learning and practice.

“IGL and one of its components, EPIIC, were setting standards in cross-cultural studies more than twenty years ago, by identifying serious challenges to individuals, communities, nation-states, and the planet. Inspired teaching and advising prepare relatively young people (students) to take responsibility for their own learning and create learning opportunities for much broader audiences and self-organizing participants in IGL programming. The liberating effect of co-creating learning fosters exceptionally strong relationships that bind IGL members in their lives and careers, creating cadres of deeply thoughtful alumni, in many fields. 

“Individuals like me, who have had the privilege of being associated with the IGL, often find it difficult to describe its prolix qualities: incubator, accelerator, thought-lab, diplomacy in practice, etc. What it is, is education at its best.”