David Dapice


Professor Dapice joined the Tufts faculty in 1973 as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1980. He has specialized in development economics, especially in Southeast Asia. He has taken leave at the World Bank (as a Brookings Policy Fellow in 1976-77), the Rockefeller Foundation (1980-81), and the Harvard Institute for International Development (1990-91) where he is now a Faculty Associate engaged in half-time research, supported by foundation grants. He received tenure in 1980 and has served as Chair of the Economics Department. His recent professional activities have centered on researching and assisting with the economic reforms in Vietnam. He has contributed to several books on that topic and teaches at the Fulbright School in Ho Chi Minh City.


"Over more than a quarter century I have observed and greatly appreciated the ability of EPIIC and IGL to break down departmental and disciplinary barriers as it approaches complex global problems from a perspective that is both engaged and analytical. It has had an immense impact on many students and some faculty. It is needed because many faculty still do not see the point of a university becoming engaged in these types of problems in a way that helps develop more than narrow analytical skills. They fail to realize that IGL builds upon these skills but enhances them by teaching students to look at problems from different perspectives and not settle for simple answers. Its unparalleled network of concerned scholars and engaged professionals is a huge asset for Tufts and for the students engaged in learning how to deal with a world with too few people who can understand, or at least continually strive to understand, urgent problems and also care about managing or solving them. It deserves the respect and support of the Tufts community and others with similar concerns and priorities."