Mar 06

Masha Gessen

by tuftsigl

Journalist and Commentator Masha Gessen received a 2015 Dr Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award.

Feb 27

Religion, Politics, and Identity Panel

by tuftsigl

The panel had very excited discussion on modern Russian identity and connection between Orthodox Church and politics. Ms.

Feb 27

The State and the Media

by tuftsigl

This afternoon, with a full house, speakers and guests engaged in a lively debate discussing the impact of media in politics. 

Feb 20

EPIIC 2015 Film Series: Deti 404

by tuftsigl

On Wednesday, February 18, EPIIC continued their 2015 film series, presenting "Deti 404," also known as "Children 404," with guest lecturers Gleb Latnik and Vida Johnson, the director of the Russian Program at Tufts.

Feb 18

A Day with Thomas de Waal

by tuftsigl

The IGL, in collaboration with IMAGe (Initiative on Mass Atrocities and Genocide), hosted a day with Thomas de Waal, Senior Associate in the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on February 18th.

Feb 10

Mark Galeotti Lectures to EPIIC Class

by tuftsigl

EPIIC Students Engage with Mark Galeotti

Aug 06

Looking for a Silver Lining in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

by tuftsigl
Katie Saviano is in the class of 2017, majoring in international relations and Arabic.
Mar 14

The Ambassador’s New Driver

by tuftsigl

Jeremy Zelinger, IGL staff member, reflects on his conversation during a drive with Amb. Robert Ford during the EPIIC Symposium. 


Jan 29

Cuba Blog Post 4: Girl Culture

by tuftsigl

Emily Bartlett is a senior (A14) majoring in International Relations and Nicola Pardy is a senior (A14) majoring in Political Science.


Jan 21

Reflections from Za'atari Camp

by tuftsigl

Written by EPIIC '14 Student Researcher Safiya Subegdjo during her research in Jordan during the 2014 winter intercession


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