February 19, 2013

IGL's Davis 100 Projects for Peace Winners 2007-13


Profiles of the Davis 100 Projects for Peace winners of the $10,000 first prize from 2007-13, each of which have been the Institute for Global Leadership students or projects

February 12, 2013

Oligochraphy of the Philippines


A nodular map of the powerful families in the Philippines prepared by the Poverty and Power Research Initiative in 2008-09 in advance of its fact-finding trip in Spring 2009. 

February 11, 2013

ALLIES General Interest Brochure


General information packet for the Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services (ALLIES), the student-led civil-military program between the IGL and the U.S. service academies (pdf, 37mb)

December 14, 2012

ALLIES Joint Research Project Rwanda

December 04, 2012

BUILD Guatemala M&E Report


This document presents BUILD’s 2011 Performance Monitoring Plan, including a Monitoring and Evaluation framework for its projects in Santa Anita, Guatemala.

December 04, 2012

BUILD Guatamala Community Development Plan

April 01, 2011

Discourse Vol. 4, Spring 2011


Vol. 4 of Discourse presents the following student work: 

Cody Valdes | The Political Legacy of a Revolutionary Generation, Interview with Matt Bai A’90
Duncan Pickard | Transnational Politics of Human Rights Reporting and Advocacy in Syria
Elizabeth Herman | Political Dimensions of 9/11 Narratives In Secondary School History Textbooks in South Asia
Cody Valdes & Joshua Gross | Moving toward Peace in Nepal: The Role of the United Nations, Interview with Ian Martin
Chloé Rousseau | Do Revolutions Destroy or Generate Social Capital? 
Jonathan Moore | Infusing a Moral Imagination in U.S. Policies
Nithyaa Venkataramani | Export Agriculture and its Role in the Escalating Nutrition Crisis of Guatemala
Josephine Herman | Between Western and I-94, Cermak and 16th 
Nicholas Dynan | Houston, Texas
Zuhui Wang, Jun Zhou, & Xueyi Yang | An Analysis of Education-Based Immigration to Zhengzhou, China under Hukou Reform
George Kolev | Ein Mann 
Jimmy Pianka | Prayer

December 10, 2009

Utang Na Loob December 2009


The published findings of the Poverty and Power Research Initiative's investigation of corruption, oligarchic power, and the American foreign aid in the Philippines that followed the group's fact-finding missions to Manila, Philippines and Washington, DC in Spring 2009.  

January 01, 2008

Discourse Vol. 1, Spring 2008


The Inaugural volume of Discourse includes articles, photo essays, and interviews:

Samuel James | Urbicide: Lagos and the Crisis of the Megacity
Samuel James | Water Get No Enemy: A Photo Essay from Lagos, Nigeria
Jonathan Greenblatt | Water For Water: Social Entrepreneurship and the World Water Crisis, An Interview
Matan Chorev | Why the World Failed Darfur The Dilemma Of The Semistate
Alexander Busse, Benjamin Harburg, & Aaron Markowitz-Schulman | The Sovereignty Exchange: Fourteen World Leaders on the Future of Sovereignty
Maya Karwande | Balkanized Justice: International Involvement in the Domestic Prosecution of War Crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Padden Guy Murphy | A Forgotten People: A Photo Essay on the Blackfeet and THE Chippewa Cree Native Americans in Montana
Kyle Hiatt | Forgotten Lessons of Counterinsurgency
Rana Abdul-Aziz | Amin’s House
Graham Allison & Senator Sam Nunn | Nuclear Proliferation: A Race Between Cooperation and Catastrophe
Mie Inouye | Barrios

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