Global Research

Students are encouraged to conduct original, policy-oriented research and projects that allow them to test their theories and assumptions on the ground....

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Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences

Students are encouraged to conduct original, policy-oriented research and projects that allow them to test their theories and assumptions on the ground. Since 1986, more than 650 students have conducted research or participated in an international internship in more than 70 countries. These projects often develop into significant projects and senior honors theses. One project culminated in an informational DVD on the history of the Somali Bantu before their resettlement in the United States; the DVD is narrated by actor Danny Glover and is being distributed within the local communities in he US where the Somalis are being resettled.

Program At-a-Glance

Year Founded



ALLIES Anapolis, Maryland

ALLIES Carlisle, PA

ALLIES Colorado Springs, CO



ALLIES West Point, New York

BUILD India, Sanitation and Education Projects in India

BUILD: India

BUILD: Nicaragua

David Gittess

Discourse China

Discourse Guatemala

Discourse India

Discourse Nepal

Discourse Pakistan

Discourse Russia

Discourse Syria

Empower 2015 in Namibia

Empower in Dharamsala, India

Empower in Ecuador 2015

Empower in Guatemala

Empower in Guatemala 2015

Empower in Haiti

EMPOWER in Hargeisa, Somiland

Empower in Kenya

Empower in Liberia

Empower in Malaysia

Empower in Mexico

Empower in Nicaragua

Empower in Nigeria 2014

Empower in The Dominican Republic

Empower in The United States

Empower in Uganda

Empower in Vietnam

Empower Project in Armenia

Empower Project in Bangladesh

Empower Project in Bolivia

Empower Project in Egypt

Empower Project in Guatemala

Empower Project in India

Empower Project in Morrocco

Empower Project in Nicaragua

Empower Project in Tanzania

Empower Project in Thailand

Empower Project in Uganda

EMPOWER Research: Darmaji Village and Karawang, Indonesia

EMPOWER: US Consulate and Commercial Service in Chennai

Engineers without Borders El Salvador 2014

Engineers without Borders Uganda 2014

EPIIC Algeria 2014

EPIIC Egypt 2014

EPIIC Global Health Research: Cambodia

EPIIC Global Health Research: Colombia

EPIIC Global Health Research: Kosovo

EPIIC Global Health Research: Nepal

EPIIC Global Health Research: Rwanda

EPIIC in Kashmir

EPIIC in the Netherlands

EPIIC Iraqi Kurdistan 2014

EPIIC Israel/Palestine 2014

EPIIC Lebanon 2014

EPIIC Research in Serbia 2015

EPIIC Tunisia 2014

EPIIC Turkey 2014

EWB Ecuador

EWB El Salvador

EWB Tibet

Exposure in South Africa

Global Research Cuba 2014

Inquiry Atlanta

Inquiry Chicago

Inquiry Indianapolis

Inquiry New York







NIMEP Israel/West Bank

NIMEP Kuwait

NIMEP Lebanon

NIMEP Research: Turkey


NIMEP Trip to Jordan

NIMEP Tunisia

NIMEP Turkey


Open Society Foundation Photojournalism Project on Hepatitis C in Rio de Janeiro

OpenSociety 2015

Oslo Freedom Forum

Oslo Scholars in Serbia

Oslo Scholars in Washington, D.C.

Oslo Scholars: Abebe Gellaw

Oslo Scholars: Hannah Song

Oslo Scholars: Maryam Nayeb Yazdi

Oslo Scholars: Mauricio Rodas

Oslo Scholars: Norway

PNDP 2015 in China

PNDP Burma Workshop

PNDP in Gambia 2015

PNDP in Russia

PNDP Workshop Bangladesh

PNDP Workshop in Bangladesh

PPRI Research Project in Turkey

Research in Chile

Synaptic Scholar Internship in Boston 2015

Synaptic Scholar Internship in Kenya 2015

TILIP Brazil

TILIP Brazil Delegation

TILIP delegation China

TILIP Gazan Delegation

TILIP Haitian Delegation

TILIP India Delegation

TILIP Iraqi Delegation

TILIP Israeli Delegation

TILIP Kurdish Delegation

TILIP Russian Delegation

TILIP Singapore Delegation

TILIP South Korean Delegation

[EXPOSURE] Vietnam 2010

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Argentina Winter 2006

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Arizona 2011

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Bali Summer 2005

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Boston Winter 2009

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Cambodia Summer 2008

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Houston Summer 2010

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Kashmir Summer 2007

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Kosovo Summer 2005

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Philadelphia Spring 2006

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Uganda Summer 2008