[EXPOSURE] is the Institute for Global Leadership's undergraduate-led program for photojournalism, documentary studies and human rights

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[EXPOSURE] is the Institute for Global Leadership's undergraduate-led program for photojournalism, documentary studies and human rights.

[EXPOSURE] is dedicated to developing knowledgeable young photojournalists and documentary filmmakers through exploratory and instructional dialogue, speaker events, workshops, galleries and critiques. We provide a space on campus for Tufts students to pursue their multimedia interests while probing the ethical and educational challenges that arise as their media bring important issues to the public’s attention.

In 2003, photojournalist James Nachtwey, Director of the Institute for Global Leadership Sherman Teichman, and Tufts student Matthew Edmundson met at Somerville’s Diesel Café to think up a way to promote responsible journalism and documentary studies at Tufts. From that session, [EXPOSURE] was born as a program in Fall of 2003.

In April 2005, [EXPOSURE] and the IGL hosted the VII photo agency’s first annual conference. The following summer, photographer Gary Knight and writer Mort Rosenblum held the first [EXPOSURE] student workshop in Kosovo, where students documented the aftermath of that conflict six years on.

The group has since grown tremendously. [EXPOSURE] has mounted exhibitions at Tufts featuring student and professional work, organized conferences, sponsored roundtables with journalists, published books, calendars, and more. Workshops have taken place in Bali, Buenos Aires, Philadelphia, Kashmir, Cambodia, Boston, Northern Uganda, Vietnam and Rajasthan.

Prominent supporters of the program are Gary Knight, founding member of the VII photo agency; James Nachtwey, VII photographer; Mort Rosenblum, former AP correspondent and editor of the International Herald Tribune; Sara Terry of the AFTERMATH project, Jim MacMillan, winner of the Pulitzer Prize; and others.

To get involved in [EXPOSURE], come to a general interest meeting at the beginning of any semester or join our weekly meeting. 

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[EXPOSURE] Vietnam 2010

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Argentina Winter 2006

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Arizona 2011

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Bali Summer 2005

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Boston Winter 2009

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Cambodia Summer 2008

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Houston Summer 2010

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Kashmir Summer 2007

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Kosovo Summer 2005

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Philadelphia Spring 2006

[EXPOSURE] Workshop Uganda Summer 2008

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EXPOSURE: Hadley Green, Shop Owners hiding in Hopefield Mosque

Hadley Green is in the class of 2015, majoring in international relations. Pictures from Hopefield, South Africa. July 18th  while on assignment for the Cape Times, the largest English speaking ne...

Chris Hnin: A Story

Chris Hnin is in the class of 2017 and a member of Exposure.  She is currently working on a documentary project in Yangon.