Atrey Bhargava '19

Atrey Bhargava is a member of the Class of 2021 and is from Lucknow, India. He was an International Relations and Economics double major, and is passionate about foreign affairs, international security and human rights. His formative years were spent in an all-boys boarding school which has instilled in him the idea of equality and the ability of each individual to scale any mountain if given the right context. At Tufts, he was involved with the South Asian Political Action Committee, 180 degrees consulting, CIVIC and Model UN. He was also a member of the 2017-18 EPIIC colloquium and symposium on the future of the liberal world order under the guidance of Professor Abiodun Williams.

Atrey is particularly interested in the realm of international security and developmental economics and plans to understand how to reconcile the two processes in any post-conflict society. In pursuance of this, he was a Tufts for Rwanda fellow in the summer of 2018 and has witnessed first-hand the reconciliation process undertaken by the Kagame Government after the 1994 Tutsi genocide. His primary interest lies in the Middle East and South Asia domain and he highly values the mentorship of Professor Jalal in the South Asia department. In his free time, Atrey loves to read, play squash and try different kinds of cuisines.

Over the summer, he worked with Srdja Popovic as a Research intern for his organization, the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) in Belgrade, Serbia. While in Belgrade, he worked with different protest movements and was lucky enough to interact with passionate leaders who were striving to create democracy and the rule of law in different parts of the world. He was able to fathom the strength of “people power” and the need for vigilance and active civil society to maintain liberty.

Claire Trilling '19

Claire Trilling double majored in International Relations and Anthropology. She is interested in pursuing a career in conflict resolution and had been a board member and co-chair of Tufts’ J Street U chapter and a fellow with the Tufts Visions of Peace initiative. She is passionate about the Middle East and spent her junior spring studying Arabic with Middlebury’s School in Jordan and traveling in the region. Her summer before senior year she worked at the Middle East Institute as a Publications intern. Beyond her academic interests, she was also a member of Tufts’ varsity field hockey team.

As an Oslo Scholar in 2018, she interned remotely with Jamila Raqib and her organization, the Albert Einstein Institution, which specializes in the study and application of nonviolent resistance in conflicts. As a part of her work, she researched nonviolent current events around the world, assisted Jamila with speech-writing, and prepared briefings for upcoming events. Claire also attended the Oslo Freedom Forum in Oslo, Norway.

Megha Nayar '19

Megha Nayar studied Quantitative Economics. She had been part of BUILD: India since her freshman year and has travelled with the club twice (2016 Summer and 2017 Summer trips).