Community Message on Racial Injustice

Sunday, May, 31st, 2020 President's Desk Speeches and Messages
May 31, 2020

Dear members of the Tufts University community,

This spring has been a difficult one for our entire community, as all of our lives have taken turns that were inconceivable just months ago. But it is important to recognize that we have not all been challenged in the same ways. The coronavirus pandemic, with its disproportionate impact on the health and economic status of communities of color, has revealed, once again, the deep disparities that continue to exist in our nation. And the recent acts of violence against Black people demonstrate, once again, the racism and injustice that persist in our society.

I recognize that I have the privilege of being able to go for a jog or put on a mask without fearing that my skin color will make me a target. Not all members of our society—and our Tufts community—enjoy such privilege. To our Black students, faculty, staff and alumni, please know that I stand with you in demanding these injustices stop.

As a community, we want to come together, share our pain, and find a way to be a part of the solution. But we are currently separated around the world. I hope we can use our distance as a strength, rather than a barrier. Let’s work to improve the communities in which we find ourselves today and hope that by our actions, we can begin to knit this nation together.

I hope you will stay safe and support one another during these difficult times.

Best wishes,

Tony Monaco