Where Is Israel Going: The Consequences of the Israeli Election

Date & Time March 26, 2015 7:00pm
Cabot 205

Benjamin Pogrund has lived and worked in Israel for the last 15 years. He is the founder of the Yakar Center for Social Concern, which is dedicated to fostering dialogue among Israel’s many different religious communities. He has also written for Haaretz. While and INSPIRE Fellow at the Tufts Institute for Global Leadership, he began his work on his most recent book, Drawing Fire: Investigating the Accusations of Apartheid in Israel. Pogrund is also a recipient of the Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award from the Institute.
For 26 years, Pogrund was a journalist in South Africa. He was the deputy editor of the Rand Daily Mail, South Africa’s leading anti-apartheid newspaper, and he was jailed and persecuted as an enemy of the state and denied a passport for five years. Pogrund was the first non-family guest in twenty years welcomed in prison by Nelson Mandela. He became a biographer of both Mandela and Robert Sobukwe. When the publisher of the Mail ceased publication due to government pressure, Pogrund went on to work for the Sunday Times, the Boston Globe, the Independent, and the WorldPaper before moving to Israel.