EPIIC 2014-2015 Colloquium: Russia: In the XXI Century

Date & Time September 2, 2014 3:00pm
Crane Room

This two-semester effort will attempt to carefully understand Russian society, and probe its strategic culture, and foreign policy. It will frame this investigation within the broader implications of Russian statecraft for global politics in the 21st century.

This course will study the persistent character of the Tsarist multiethnic imperial state, which at its greatest has covered one sixth of the globe, from the northern Barents Sea to the southern Central Asian steppe, St. Petersburg and the Carpathians in the West to the Pacific Ocean in the east. We will examine the implications of the fact that Russia sits atop the world's largest proven natural gas reserves and second largest pool of oil, and is the only non-democratic regime abutting the resource-rich and rapidly melting Arctic.

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