Empowering Girls and Working Toward Gender Equality in Africa with Wendo Aszed

Date & Time November 29, 2017 1:30pm - 3:30pm
WOMEN’S CENTER (55 Talbot Ave)
IGL General

Wendo Aszed, a mother of four from Kenya, has walked the talk when it comes to understanding the challenges of rural women in Africa. Growing up in a small community in Kenya, she has a passion for learning and has experienced first-hand how access to basic services and information can change a person’s life.

A few years ago she founded Dandelion Africa in order to create sustainable solutions to improve the health and economic livelihoods of women and youth in these rural and marginalized areas of Kenya. Dandelion Africa works to empower and create leadership opportunities for women and girls. They also work to support sexual reproductive health and rights and improve economic livelihoods of all in the community.

Dandelion has worked with over 1800 girls, 600 boys and 180 men to date. She was named the 2017 Segal Family Foundation “Rising Star Honoree”, and Dandelion Africa received the first of four grants giving by New England International Donors in 2017.

“I work in rural, marginalized areas because I strongly believe that change comes from awakening people’s consciousness...Speaking up influences change and that alleviates poverty.”

Co-Sponsored by the Institute for Global Leadership, the Women’s Center and the Africana Center