World of Co-Operation: “Better Policies for Better Lives” by Sadik Tarik Sadi Cetin (A’22)

by tuftsigl
Jul 29

Even though Paris was not as busy, the second part of my internship at the Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the OECD was as fascinating and informative as the first part. I continued to immerse myself in many different topics related to policy-making, meet with leading experts and high-ranking officials, and prepare reports that are shared with the capital, Ankara, via relevant departments within the Delegation. I also had the unique opportunity of representing Turkey in the 6th Policy Forum on Strength through Diversity.

Following OECD Week, I attended a range of meetings as part of my internship. Topics of these meetings included creating a global framework for taxation of multinationals, OECD’s relations with the Middle East and North Africa region, an economic review of Iceland, demographic and digital changes, subnational government finance and investment, and international energy markets. In addition to high-level diplomats, individuals such as the French Minister of the Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire, the Ghanaian Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Haija Alima Mahama, President of the EU Committee of the Regions Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency Dr Fatih Birol and Google’s Chief Economist Prof Hal Varian were also present in these meetings.

I especially enjoyed participating in the 6th Policy Forum on Strength through Diversity. As part of the OECD’s Strength through Diversity project, the forum focused on policies for the inclusion of migrants in national education and training systems, social inclusion, and gender equality. The Forum had participants from education ministries of various countries, such as those of the Netherlands and Norway, students from universities of Paris, such as Sciences-Po, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the European Commission, UNESCO and the European Space Agency. By taking part in this forum, I learned about various approaches and initiatives in different countries, gained new perspectives and exchanged ideas with other participants.  Outcomes of the forum included peer-learning between countries in the areas of inclusive and equitable education.  Additionally, there was the launch of the Synthesis report from the First Phase of the Strength through Diversity project titled “The Road to Integration: Education and Migration.”


Interning at the Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the OECD has enabled me to gain valuable insights into the fields of diplomacy, economics, policy-making and international co-operation. In addition to observing how professionals operate in these fields, I learned a lot more about international initiatives that aim to improve lives worldwide. It was a great opportunity for me to apply what I learned in lectures, while still learning new things and expanding my horizons.