Visiting the Army War College

by tuftsigl
Jan 07

Written by Jackie Faselt, EPIIC 2014

My experience visiting the Army War College has been wonderful. Walking through the hallways of an institution filled with top military officers from the US and abroad, is intimidating at times, but also quite exciting. Though I am here only to interview staff, I was able to have a quick conversation with a very friendly Bangladeshi two star general.

Everyone I have met is very fond of Tufts. They all seem to know colleagues who are graduates or teachers on the hill, or are themselves, in fact, a graduate. I have loved witnessing first hand how large the Tufts network truly is, especially in the public sector.

A graduate of Fletcher’s GMAP program was kind enough to give me a tour of not only the College, but also the entire barracks. I really enjoyed the experience, as I had never been on a military post before. My interviews have been going well, despite some “I don’t even know what ‘well’ means because I have never done this before” nerves.

Next up: National Defense University in DC, to interview more Jumbos!

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