Mark Miller Speaks with EPIIC on 10/22/15

by tuftsigl
Oct 23

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, guest lecturer Mark Miller gave a talk about refugees and migration in Europe. Miller is the Emma Smith Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware.  He joined the Department in 1978. He specializes in Migration Studies, Comparative Politics, and European Politics. His research focuses on comparative immigration and refugee policies, global migration and migration and security.  His recent publications includeThe Age of Migration, 5th ed.; ‘Land of Immigration’, The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, 9/Spring 2013; and 'The Diffusion of Norms Concerning Trafficked and Battered Women: The Greek-US Evolution post-1990,' in A. Brysk and A. Choi-Fitzpatrick,eds. Human Trafficking and Human Rights:Rethinking Conemporary Slavery, with G. Wasileski.

Mark Miller was joined by Julia Stewart-David, a Fletcher EU Fellow, Kelly Greenhill, Associate Professor in the Tufts Political Science Department.

Listen to a recording of the lecture here! 

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