2014 Tufts Community Day

by tuftsigl
Oct 23


Sunday, Oct.5 was Tufts University's twelfth annual Community Day, cosponsored by the City of Somerville and City of Medford where Tufts is proudly located. Residents from both cities, as well as members of Tufts community were invited to attend this great event of year, celebrating the proud spirit of of Tufts students: active citizenship.
As part of the Tufts community, Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) was invited to set up a table introducing our various programs. Engineers Without Borders (EWB), another student group affiliated to IGL, was also setting up their own table.
Over the years, EPIIC symposium has earned IGL a great reputation for internationalism. Flags for different countries all over the world can be found in the IGL office and events. Thus a kids-friendly project, "Designing your own flags", were put in place on the Community Day, which successful attracted a lot of creative young painters. 
The Community Day service ended with a series of student performances and lovely songs.